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Clay Pigeon Improvement Tips; Left Eye Dominant Right Handed Shotgun Shooting or Cross Eye Dominance & More

One of the most renown shooting sport and competition sport is clay pigeon shooting. For some of us out there, this sport may seem impossible. Tracking and shooting a clay disk that has been launched into the air and hitting it is no simple task. However, with time and dedication anything is possible. Clay pigeon shooting isn’t just a sport. It is also a great training exercise for those who want to get involved in bird game and hunting. For those who are having a difficult time improving their clay pigeon shooting, Shooting Range Industries will share a tips to help you improve your targeting skills.

Set a Goal

When you want to improve clay pigeon shooting you must first set some goals. For example, how many clay pigeons are you currently hitting? It is important to set realistic goals. If you are only hitting one or two out of five or ten runs, then consider increasing it by only a few. For others, they may want to improve their skill so they can qualify for a national team. Depending on where you are currently, in order to improve you must set goals to strive for or you may never develop the level of skills you want.

Understand Clay Pigeon Shooting Theory & Techniques

For those who may be new and do not have the luxury of having a clay pigeon mentor, shooting a disk out of the air may seem impossible. This is because you may not understand the theory and techniques involved. For example, when shooting clay pigeons, most beginners make the mistake of watching where the clay pigeons are coming from. In so doing, you miss the clay pigeon every time. Instead look at where it will be, which means you will need to know its flight path. There are many exercises you can do without even picking up the shotgun which you can practice. If you do not have the ability to find a coach or trainer there are many good resources from books to videos that can help get you started. However, shooting clay is a very involved sport. If you are a beginner to the sport it is highly recommended to seek out a coach or trainer.

Left Eye Dominant Right Handed Shotgun Shooting or Other

\When getting involved with firearms where you choose to get involved in shooting sports or for self-defense you must determine the dominant eye. Everyone has a dominant eye. When working on your targeting skills you must know which eye is dominant. Most people will shoot with the eye on the side they shoot from. However, 50% of right handed people will have a left dominant eye. You will want to take basic tests to determine which eye is your dominant eye. There are a few tests you can do at home. We suggest you try more than one test to make sure the same eye is the dominant eye. Make sure to practice good sight alignment with your dominant eye and your targeting skills will improve.

Make Sure Gun Fits You when Shooting Clay Pigeons

Another essential step for clay pigeon sports, is making sure your gun fits you. The shotgun must properly fit you. Stance, posture and grip control will make sure you shoot better. Often the shotgun is way too long and the shooter isn’t in control and will have a poor stance. When fitting a shotgun you will need to know case which will vary from right or left handed shooters. After determining which case is right for you, you will need to know how much drop the stock or cone of the stock you will need. Lastly you will need to make sure the stock is a proper length. You never want to feel like you are stretched out when holding your shotgun. Gun fitting can be rather complex. You can always seek out a professional gun fitting.

Custom Portable Shooting Range Design & Manufacture

For those who want to get better at clay pigeon sports, follow some of these basic tips. For quality shooting range designs and more, contact Shooting Range Industries today.

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