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Cleaning your Firearms & Taking them to the Range for Another Round! Call us in Las Vegas for Live Fire Training Solutions, Bullet Traps & Other Custom Shooting Range Equipment!

Keeping your firearm clean will lessen the chances of a FTF (fail to fire) and keep your gun in good working condition. Every time a round is fired through your firearm the interior of your gun is exposed to carbon, lead and copper. This residue is left sitting in your firearms barrel, chamber and action. If not cleaned regularly, over time your firearm can experience some major malfunctions, which can put you in a situation that you do not want to be in. Cleaning your firearm regularly will ensure that your gun is ready to perform whenever you need it to.

How Often Should You Clean Your Gun

There are a few important steps to consider when cleaning your firearm that will make a difference in its overall performance. While there is no specific rule that states exactly how often you should clean your firearm, getting into the habit is essential to keeping your firearm in its best possible condition. Retired law enforcement and military tend to clean their firearms after every shooting session. This is not a bad habit to get into. A clean gun will prevent potential malfunctions; some have said that you should clean your gun like your life depends on it.

Clean Gun After How Many Rounds?

Your firearm is a great tool when it comes to home protection, hunting and recreational purposes so it should be well maintained and taken care of. Cleaning a firearm is essential to the best performance possible. Guns are finely tuned machines so they do require cleaning, however it isn’t something that you need to go crazy about either. Some gun experts suggest cleaning your firearm every hundred rounds that you put through it. You should detail clean the internals, clean the barrel and the chamber and remove any powder residue and fouling from the basic components that are visible with field stripping.

Becoming Familiar with your Guns

Cleaning your gun is also a great way to become completely familiar with every single part of your firearm. You will become an expert at dismantling your firearm and putting it back together. The breakdown of a gun can be fun for gun owners and even become a challenge to beat your previous time it took to break it down and put it back together. Becoming familiar with every piece of your firearm will also assist you in keeping a reliable gun in its best possible condition. Once you have cleaned your firearm, take it to the range for another round of shooting to sharpen your skills.

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