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Combat Tactical Training Shooting Adventures; Range Accuracy, Target Engagement, Urban Warfare Tactics & More

Tactical training covers everything from basic to advanced techniques. Tactical shotgun and rifle training extends the capability and usefulness of the tool at hand. But for most law enforcement professionals and civilian concealed carry; handgun training and mastery are the primary aspiration.

Shooting Range Accuracy of Handguns, Rifles & Shotguns

The military considers a sidearm to be a defensive weapon. Handguns lack the power and moderate range accuracy of the rifle. Combat engagements are conducted generally at less than 300 yards; hence the modern assault rifles are designed for engagement in this range with power and accuracy dropping rapidly beyond 350 to 400 yards. Most military weapons shoot to about 2.5 minutes of angle. A minute of angle is very close to 1 inch at a 100 yards, thus at 300 yards your groupings will be about 7 and a half inches. Combat shotguns though present are not generally encountered on the battlefield, and are used by base security and as defensive or specialty weapon. In urban warfare the opportunity to breach doors are common. Using a powdered metal round, hinges and door locks can be defeated by the shotgun.

Military Target Engagement

As can be noted from the above comments, the primary weapon of the ground military forces is the rifle. The Marine Corps, their mantra being every Marine is a rifleman, are the only military branch that requires target engagement out to 500 yards during qualifications. The U.S. Army qualification incorporates popup targets out to 300 yards. Indoor shooting ranges are generally restricted to 50 yards or less, with 25 yards being a close standard and can accommodate real world combat scenarios for the sidearm, but fall short for rifle training and thus the military tends to train on outdoor ranges.

Tactical Training Muscle Memory & Accuracy

Tactical training teaches muscle memory and reinforces techniques. The use of cover and concealment, single round semi-automatic engagement versus the three round burst. Position shooting as in standing, kneeling, sitting and prone, sight adjustments, compensation for weather conditions and clearing the weapon if there happens to be a firearm or ammunition failure. Of course safe handling is also emphasized. The rifle is the primary tool of the infantryman and therefore a lot of emphasis is placed on the mastery of the rifle. Optical sights improve accuracy, but are expensive and subject to damage in the combat environment. Snipers and designated marksman are usually the only troops to use optics to improve accuracy.

Urban Warfare Tactics

In our current military environments overseas, urban warfare techniques are being encountered and training before deployment emphasizes these tactics. Door or barricade breaching and room clearing are other techniques taught. Close range combat that is encountered in clearing rooms and buildings is one combat scenario that the shotgun excels at. Shotguns are devastating at close ranges. With 8 to 12 pellet close to 30 caliber diameter, target receives multiple hits causing extensive damage to organs, nerves and blood vessels. That is why getting hit by a shotgun results in a near 80% casualty rate versus a 80% survival rate for other weapons.

Custom Shooting Ranges for Military, Law Enforcement & Civilian Firearms Training

Military training tends to be comprehensive. The American soldier is considered one of the best trained in the world. Some study of these tactics is bound to make us all better shooters. Shooting Range Industries designs and custom builds custom shooting ranges. Contact us to learn more today!

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