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Common Bullet Trap System for Indoor Ranges; Ballistic Rubber, Steel, Free Standing & More

One of the greatest challenges for indoor ranges is safely managing the discharged rounds fired within the building. Bullet trap systems are essential as their design not only collects the discharged rounds but assures the safety of everyone at the indoor range. Shooting Range Industries will cover what bullet traps are and the common types of bullet traps used for indoor ranges.

Bullet Catcher Traps

Bullet traps, as the name implies, are devices that trap discharged rounds. The main purpose of the bullet trap system is to prevent ricochets or the bullets that bounce back. When a bullet is fired it is projected with tremendous force inside a building and can be dangerous, especially since indoor ranges often don’t have long distance targets. The types of bullet systems will vary depending on the design and the structure of the indoor range. Here are some of the common bullet traps systems used for indoor ranges.

Vertically Designed Bullet Traps

Vertically designed bullet trap systems’ strong suit is slowing the bullet down before stopping it where the bullet falls inside a collector. The design is unique as vertical wall are positioned in a certain way that funnels the bullets and contains them to prevent them from bouncing outwards. Horizontal designs aren’t as widely used as vertical bullet traps which have a superior design.

Free Standing Bullet Traps

Free standing bullet traps or also known as modular bullet traps and are great bullet trap systems for ranges on the go. Often military and law enforcement ranges move around for different training excises. Free standing bullet traps work well in these situations as all they require is a concrete floor. Free standing bullet traps are used for indoor and outdoor ranges.

Steel Bullet Traps

Steel bullet traps create a “V” shape that on its side, which can stop all pistol calibers and some rife calibers as high as 7.62 and a velocities of 3,000 feet per second. This simple design yet material of strong steel makes collecting the bullet efficient and is another very common system of bullet traps used for indoor ranges.

Ballistic Rubber Block Bullet Traps

Ballistic rubber block bullet traps are most often used for forensic and crime lab ranges where weapon that may have been used in a crime are tested. The ballistic rubber is unique as it is able to self-heal which allows the bullet to be captured with less affect to the bullet for better testing.

Custom Shooting Ranges with Bullet Traps & Other Features

Depending on the building design such as the size of the building and materials used in its construction, will often determine which bullet trap system would be most effective. In designing ranges there are a number of elements to consider for the safety of those at the range. Ranges have a number of aspects to help enhance the safety of a gun range from HVAC systems that remove the gas released from discharged rounds, collection of lead bullets as well as capturing the bullets once they are fired. Shooting Range Industries provide custom ranges for our military and law enforcement. We design bullet trap systems to ensure the safety of our service men and women. For quality range design and installation, contact Shooting Range Industries today.

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