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Common Guns in the First Person Shooter Video Game Call of Duty; M1911 & M9 Berreta Pistols, M14 Semi-Automatic Assault Rifles & More

For most first person shooter gamers, one of the top ranking games is the “Call of Duty” saga. Many love the thrill of jumping into the role of our relentless hero, who stands for what’s right through all odds. As the Call of Duty saga has brought some of the most intense action sequence to most gamers, they have also brought a wide range of firearms. As the action game play and the firearms used are essential to the games success, you will always find our hero carrying a primary and a secondary weapon. Shooting Range Industries would like to shed some light on the firearms used in the Call of Duty games and why some stand out more as compared to others.

M1911 – Starting Pistol for Black Ops Zombies

Like our own military and in much of the world, soldiers of action carry a primary weapon and a secondary weapon. The U.S. Military carries about 15 different kinds of pistols that they rely on as their secondary weapon. One of the most frequently used pistols in the Call of Duty games is the M1911. The 1911 is one of the first semi auto clip fed pistol ever used in America. The idea to make a clip fed pistol came about back in the 1890’s. The U.S. Calvary found it hard to reload a cylinder revolver in combat while riding a horse. To give our Calvary an edge on the battle field the 1911 was born. Due to the 1911’s durability with their great design and ease of use, it became widely used in the U.S. Military at a phenomenal rate. The M1911 is still used today due to its remarkable success.

M9-Berreta Used in Modern Warfare

Another pistol used as a secondary firearm was the M9-Berreta. The M9 was put to use in 1985 and had great success. The M9 performed well through the extreme cold of -40 F and the extreme heat conditions of +140 F. It is durable, has a comfortable grip and stability. When in the right hands, the M9 has the accuracy of firing 10 shot with 3 inch grouping, at 55 yards, giving the M9 the nickname “World Defender.” Used throughout our military, the M9 Berretta has became a welcomed companion to our armed forces and a must have addition to the Call of Duty saga.

M14 Semi-automatic Assault Rifle

The Call of duty games primary weapon usually dictated the type of character you played. You have as a primary weapon an assault rifle, light machine guns, submachine gun, shotguns, and sniper rifles. A common assault rifle that’s found in many of the Call of Duty games is the M14. The M14 has been around since WW2 and is still used today. Back in 1930 the original assault rifle used was the M1. However The M1 had many faults. This created the need for a more efficient rifle. The M1 developers started to go through and remove the problematic components, and did a complete overhaul of the M1. By 1954 the M14 was born, with a lighter weight frame, higher ammo capacity, and better control of the recoil. The M14 was more accurate. The M14 became a staple in the military and found its way into many video games.

Custom Modular Shooting Ranges, Equipment & Accessories Manufactured in Las Vegas, Nevada

The memorable firearms seen throughout the Call of Duty games are keen to the game play and combative feel that it brings to the players. For those gamers who fought their way through each Call of Duty game, they know that each unique trait of each firearm brings a real life aspect that many don’t consider. For some who want to try out and feel what those different guns are like, go to your local gun range. Many ranges rent out a lot of the guns you will find in the Call of Duty games. And if you don’t want the inconvenience of having to drive to a range and have other people shooting so close to you, contact Shooting Range Industries for information about purchasing your own custom modular shooting range!

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