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Common Handgun Modifications; Magazine Base Plate, Painting Gun Sights, Pistol Trigger Mods & More

Firearms are not created equal. They all have their pros and cons and they have potential to be customized to improve your skills. Modifying your firearms can be done in a variety of ways. However, there are some that additions designed to enhance the aesthetics, others that boost performance, and few that do both. Today, we at Shooting Range Industries would like to discuss a few of the common mods to help you get your creativity started.

Gun Upgrades

Sights, triggers, grips, or other internals can all be involved with upgrading a gun. Where some can be relatively simple, others can get complicated. When deciding on upgrades, start listing them in order of increasing difficulty and expense to help you prioritize. Keep mind, prices vary and fluctuate with economic growth and demand so checking the price now may not be the same 5 years from now for example.

Glock Grip Reduction, Magazine Base Plate & Other Mods

Grip panels or backstraps are easily replaced in some guns. You may have better recoil management and the accuracy can be improved in a firearm that fits your hand better, making these changes potentially beneficial. When you cannot get your little finger on to the grip is not only common but can be a serious issue. The solution is to buy magazine base plates that extend the magazine further down. Getting your little finger on the grip is important.

Painting Gun Sights & Other Modifications

It is commonplace for non-competition pistols to not have sights that are adjustable for elevation. There are aftermarket sights available if it is important to you to have it. Typically, you just need a windage adjustment. The rear sights can be moved easily with a sight-mover tool., or not so easily with a drift punch. Adjust the sights so that you can consistently shoot to Point-of-Aim (POI), even everyone’s eyes are different, so if you consistently shoot a little to one side or another, as long as this is not a flinching issue.

Pistol Trigger Modifications

With considerable improvement, you can replace the triggers on semi-autos under $1000.00 that usually have mediocre triggers. Fortunately, there are trigger kits available for most popular makes of pistol. Glocks can be easily installed though it can be trickier with other makes. To slightly help the trigger action and accuracy, replacing the safety plunger with one that is chrome-plated will remove some friction from the system is also beneficial. Though there are many videos available to help, the difficulty of doing this depends on your make of pistol. Often reducing the trigger pull by 1-2 pounds are the new connector and safety plunger included in some kits. Since you are not having to pop the trigger to get it over the break, having this helps accuracy quite a bit.

Other Gun Internal Modifications

You have to remove the guide rod and recoil spring every time you clean your gun. Replace the rod with stainless steel if it is plastic. There is a huge improvement in accuracy because that keeps the parts from moving laterally during cycling. It is easier to replace the whole thing if the guide rod and spring are one unit, which is especially true with

Custom Modular Shooting Ranges for Training & Practice

Whenever you handle a firearm, be sure it is done safely and properly and safely stored when not in use. Shooting Range Industries offers custom portable shooting ranges with all the built in safety equipment for a safe and convenient place to practice firing your handguns. Call us to learn more today!

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