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Common Issues that Can Be Prevented with Proper Firearm Maintenance; Failure to Fire or Feed & More

For those who may be new to firearms you may not know how important it is to maintain them. Firearms require proper storage and cleaning after each use. If not properly maintained, a firearm can develop a number of issues, some leading to misfires and more. Shooting Range Industries would like to share why it is essential to properly maintain your firearms.

Clean Your Gun or Other Firearm to Help Prevent Failure to Fire or Feed

One of the essential steps to maintaining a firearm is proper cleaning. Eighty percent of mechanical and functional failures are due to neglect. A firearm does require the need to be cleaned after each use. If not properly maintained, a firearm will have a higher rate of “failure to fire”. Failure to fire occurs when the firearm is dirty. There is a firing pin, or also known as the striker, that if there is too much dirt near the firing pin it will not have the power to activate the primer. Another common issue that occurs when the firearm is dirty is “failure to feed”. Failure to feed means the need round doesn’t load into the camber. A similar problem is when the casing gets stuck and the next round doesn’t feed. This can be a dangerous situation especially if you find yourself in a situation where you need to defend yourself and others in your home. When a firearm becomes too dirty, it can also slow down the speed of the bullet. If the gun is never cleaned after it has been used, residue will build up inside the barrel, slowing down the bullet’s velocity. When a firearm is neglected it simply becomes much less reliable. For those who keep a firearm inside your home for self-defense, you will always want a reliable firearm.

Residual Fouling of Firearm

Having a firearm that is not reliable is bad enough. However, neglect can lead to other issues. One major issue that occurs if a firearm is never cleaned after use is “residual fouling”. Residual fouling is when particles from the bullet leaves residue inside the barrel. Particles such as plastic, carbon, lead and copper will build up inside the barrel which can cause damage to the barrel as well as the firearm becoming unreliable. Rust is another major result of neglect. Rust development can speed up due to the particles from bullets. If the firearm was exposed to moisture and is never wiped down, rust will eat your firearm. The acid from your sweat or skin, if left on the firearm, can lead to metal erosion as well.

Should You Oil the Inside of a Gun Barrel?

To ensure your firearm is reliable it is important to keep it cleaned. You should clean your firearm after each time you use it at the range. The particles produced can lead to major problems. When cleaning your firearm, oil is used to lubricate all of the moving parts. Lubricating helps to improve performance and reliability. However, never over oil the firearm as it will contribute to dirt jamming up your firearm.

Custom Modular Shooting Ranges Made in the USA

Along with keeping your firearm clean, you will want to store it in a sealed location such as a gun safe. Gun safes prevent theft and safety. They are also airtight which keeps out all of the dust. For quality shooting range design and construction contact Shooting Range Industries today!

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