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Common Tactical Military Shooting Drills; Dozier, Malfunction Clearing & El Presidente Single Pistol Combat Drills

Shooting firearms is more than point, spray and pray you hit an enemy target. It is a modern martial art, emphasized with weapon mastering. If folks treat as such, practicing drills like you would kata, or respecting the “art” could heighten skills, and give the right perspective. Utilizing such modern day martial art is essential for military personnel, especially those who will face combat situations.

Shooting Range Industries compiles a brief list of a handful of drills commonly used in the military to improve their combat skills with various guns.

1. El Presidente Single Pistol Combat Drill. El Presidente tests the draw and reload to gauge the shooter’s skills to ensure smooth transitions and follow-through technique. Below is the drill setup:
– 10 meters from the shooter, place three silhouette targets 1 meter apart in a line.
– Shooter starts with a holstered pistol with six rounds and a spare magazine or speedloader with an additional six rounds.
– The shooter, having his or her hands clamped in front of them or above their head is facing away from the targets.
– With the starting buzzer, the shooter turns to face the targets, draws the pistol fires two rounds in each target, reloads and shoots an additional two rounds in each target, with smooth and precise execution.
2. Dozier Drill. Due to an incident decades ago where a general was unarmed and kidnapped by terrorists, a drill was developed from preventing such an incident in the future. It is as follows:
– Shooting range is set with five metal silhouette targets that fall backwards when they are struck, known as pepper poppers.
– A two member drill, the second participant is standing at a safe distance off to the side, and his job is to retrieve and assemble a pistol and the magazine from a tool bag.
– At the starting signal, the shooter has to shoot down the five metal targets before the 2nd participant completes his task.
3. Malfunction Clearing Drill. During combat, it is not unheard of for cartridges to not feed into the chamber properly. These malfunctions need to be corrected and the gun ready to fire quickly.
There are several variations, here are a few:
Shooter error: The magazine was not sufficiently seated, and upon racking the slide the bullet is not loaded.
Stove pipe: The spent round cartridge does not fully eject, and gets stuck in the upright position resembling a stove pipe.
Double feed: This happens when a spent round or unspent round try to load within the same space, causing a jam.

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These are just a few drills often used in military, and even in law enforcement. Practicing a wide range of situations and common scenarios can better prepare shooters when faced in real time. With constant and periodic practice, it becomes second nature and reflexes respond barely without thinking. The faster, smoother, and efficient you are at your drill the more effective you will be in combat, which ultimately can save your life. Contact Shooting Range Industries for information on your own portable custom shooting range!

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