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Complete Starter Kit; What Do I Need to Start Reloading My Own Ammo? Case Cleaner, Press, Dies & Powder Scale Dispenser

If you are an avid shooter and spend time and money purchasing ammunition you may have another option. You can start to reload your own ammo to potentially save you money and help to control the quality of the ammo you are using. Good ammo is great for your gun and can help it perform better and stay cleaner. To get started loading your own ammo you are going to need to get some equipment to help in the process.

Shooting Range Industries Lists Equipment You Will Need To Start Reloading Your Own Ammo

Case Cleaner: The first thing you need is to pick up the brass from spent rounds. That is the part you are going to be reusing to fill and load back into your gun to shoot. When you are collecting your brass, they are going to be dirty whether you are shooting at an indoor range or outdoors. The dirt is from the powder and the ground and all that has to be cleaned off before you can reload them. A case cleaner is a great piece of equipment that uses an abrasive movement to clean all the debris from the brass leaving them looking shiny, clean and ready to use. You can clean the brass on your own without this equipment but they are not going to get as clean and it will take more time.
Reloading Press: You are going to need a press to start reloading your newly cleaned brass. This piece of equipment is going to be used for several parts of the process which includes removing the old primer and insert the new primer in the casing so that you can load a new bullet. This is one of the most important steps in the process so you want to use the right equipment to ensure that it is done without errors.
Reloading Dies: You are going to need to have a die that is used to reload the bullet. They are sold specifically for the size bullet that you are re-loading and you will need the right size depending on what you are doing. They dies are used for several parts of the reloading such as resetting the brass to the right dimensions and get rid of any imperfections. It will also expand the mouth of the brass so that it is slightly larger to make it easier to insert the new bullet. Another part crimps and seals the bullet and that is done with a die that is attached to the press.
Powder Scale Dispenser: When you are ready to load the new powder you need to be very specific with the amount you use. There is a specific weight that is used depending on the caliber of bullet. A powder dispenser allows you to pull a lever and it will release the exact amount so you don’t have to measure each bullet one at a time. This piece of equipment will save you lots of time and lets you load more ammo.

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These are all pieces of equipment that are needed to make your ammo reloading a better experience. Contact Shooting Range Industries for more information on our custom shooting ranges so you can keep up the cycle of shooting, reloading ammo and shooting again!

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