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Concealed Carry Firearm & Shooting Range Training Tips for Retired Law Enforcement Officers

Most law enforcement officers put their lives on the line every day to keep the public safe. When a police officer is facing retirement, there are cloudy areas at times when it comes to concealed carry and retired law enforcement officers. Shooting Range Industries would like to talk about the rights of a retired officer when it comes to concealed carry, and what they need to do to be covered legally.

Retired Police Officers Carrying Firearms

When an officer has dedicated their life to protecting the public and keeping the peace, once they retire it can be a huge transition. There is so much muscle memory training to get an officer to act quickly without giving it second thought. If they pause for that second, it could be the end of their life. However, once that officer is retired, they aren’t protected like they are when they are an active law enforcement officer. They now don’t have unlimited ammunition, bullet proof vests on, backup, and authority. It puts them in a situation where they don’t have that same civil protection that they had as an officer. If it is a matter of protecting themselves, their family, or other loved ones against bodily harm or even death, then absolutely offer the protection needed.

Retired Officer Concealed Carry Training

In order to help change the way a retired officer thinks about protecting the public, classroom training is necessary. Retired officers are allowed to carry a concealed weapon in all 50 states when some requirements are met. Those are:
Law Enforcement Officer’s Safety Act Retired Officer Concealed Carry Authorization Picture Identification Card – This is issued by the officer’s department and must not be expired, and in their possession at all times when carrying.
• No drug or alcohol use while carrying.
• Must complete the retired officer carry firearms course that is offered once a year by their department, and must successfully pass the course.
• Each department has different requirements and policies that must be followed with no exception.

Shooting Range Training

When a retired officer is training on the range, they should not train with their old weapons used on the job, but the weapon they will be carrying from here on out. An important part of training is learning how to dress so that your weapon is concealed. This will give the retired officer a tactical edge when they are at the scene of an emergency. Retired officers should train with realistic targets and distances with shot placement emphasized.

Verbally Identifying Themselves

When a law enforcement officer is called to the scene of a crime, they use a certain verbiage. This will change now that they are retired. Rather than “Police, hands up,” a retired officer needs to retrain themselves to yell something like, “retired police officer.” They should always identify themselves before making any moves.

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