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Concealed Carry Myths; No Need to Learn Hand to Hand Combat, Don’t Carry Loaded & More

If you are thinking about getting yourself certified to carry a gun concealed there are a list of things that you will need to know. You need to attend classes that will test your knowledge of safe carry as well as how well you shoot. You want to be sure you have taken time to study to ensure you are ready. You also want to head to the range and be confident in your shooting as well as how you handle the gun. You might think that once you are done with the class you don’t need to do any further training. That is just not true and you want to be able to access and shoot your gun if necessary. Once you have your CCW you will get people giving you advice and telling you what is best. There are a few huge myths and if you follow them you are actually being unsafe.

Shooting Range Industries Lists Myths You Might Think Are True When Carrying A Concealed Weapon

Myth; There is No Need To Learn Hand to Hand Combat: Most people are getting their concealed carry permit as a way to defend themselves if they are in a position they need it. Carrying a gun is not actually the only way to defend yourself. You may not be in a situation that you can actually pull your gun and discharge it. When it comes to shooting your gun and more specifically at a person most people have never done it. They have never seen someone shot and what you know about shooting a person sadly comes from the movies. If you follow some of the silly things that are done is some of the best action movies you will find yourself in trouble. The shot may not stop someone all the way and that means you may need to come in contact with someone for some hand to hand combat.
Myth; You Should Never Carry a Round in the Chamber: When you are carrying a gun concealed you are seemingly ready for a problem to arise so that you can be ready to assist. If you are in a crisis situation and you pull your gun that you then have to chamber a bullet before you can defend yourself you might be too late. The problem will not wait for you so you need to be as prepared as you possibly can. The other issue that you are likely to face is that you aren’t setting out knowing who is going to be the problem. They will act first and that is your sign that you may need to draw down. That means they are already one step ahead of you so you never want to start one step back.
Myth; You Should Change Your Gun Out Often: When you are carrying a concealed weapon you want to have confidence in your weapon that you choose. This means you need to use it often and go to the range. If you change from one hand gun to another, even the same model, you may not have the best shot. Each gun is unique and you want to be sure that you carry with the same gun that you use most often at the range.

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