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Concealed Carry Pistol Mistakes to Avoid; Firing Warning Shots, Not Using a Holster & Not Practicing at a Shooting Range!

There are an extreme amount of things that you should never do if you are a concealed weapon carrier and we could in no way list them all. When you take on the responsibility to take the conceal carry course and get certified to conceal a weapon you should have done all the homework necessary to know what you can and cannot do. It is a privilege that even though you may have now, can be revoked if you are caught breaking the rules of concealing your weapon.

Shooting Ranges Industries lists some things you should NEVER do when carrying a concealed weapon.

Fire Warning Shots: There are moments that a large crowd can get out of hand and it seems that no-one can gain control. There are also times that you may feel threatened and feel like you need to take a defensive posture to keep yourself safe. In these instances you may need to take out your firearm, but you should NEVER fire off a shot as a warning. If you discharge your firearm you will be held liable for any damage that may happen. You also could be breaking a city or county law that prohibits the discharge of a firearm. Make sure that you if you need to fire your weapon it is in defense and not as a warning.

Holster Needed: You never want to conceal your firearm without a holster. It may seem easy to tuck your weapon into the waistband of your pants, but it is a bad idea. The reason being as there is nothing securing the trigger from an accidental discharge. You never want to have your weapon accidentally discharge anywhere; but especially down your pants.

Practice Makes Perfect: If you go out of you way to get a concealed permit and you have paid the fees, then you should be practicing. You don’t want to get the permit and then stop practicing your shooting, targeting and reflexes. You should stay alert and well-practiced with your weapon. You want to feel confident with it and how to load, unload and discharge the weapon. Make time to go to the shooting range often for practice.

Insert Yourself in Conflicts: If you see a conflict that might need help you should call the local police department for assistance. Even if you have a weapon you should never insert yourself into a conflict that you are not involved in. You can stay back and watch to be sure that others lives are not at risk and give details to the police. Your weapon is for your personal protection and not for you to go out of your way to find ways to use it.

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