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Concealed Carry Weapons Part 2; Felt Recoil, Reliability, Effectiveness of Caliber & More

The ideal concealed carry weapon should be flat, short and concealable with no unnecessary parts projecting outside of the gun. 8-9 rounds minimum. Reliable 380 Pocket Pistols, Compact 9mm, 40 S&W Self Defense & More

What Does Felt Recoil Mean in Guns?

The full 9mm Parabellum and the 9mm Kurz or 380 semi-autos are available in some very compact and small packages. In a full-sized frame, the 380 Browning (yes, this is another name for this caliber) would recoil less than the 9mm, loaded with a 95-grain bullet at moderate velocity and though adequate for self-defense it is no power demon. But in the smaller framed, palm or your hand sized pistols most of these pistols will have a higher felt recoil than would be expected and resultant control issues. Felt recoil is a phenomenon that is not only dependent on the cartridge, but influenced by gun design and weight. Another aspect is ammo compatibility, many of these combat weapons, even those of stellar quality will not function with certain ammo and bullet types. As far a 9mm goes there are many that share nearly the same compactness of design as their little brother .380 Auto. But again, felt recoil may be high.

Reliability, Effectiveness of Caliber, Safety & Simplicity Followed by Cost

You can spend under $400 dollars for a Glock or $700 for a great handgun like the Sig Sauer products, but if you use the weapon, be aware the police will confiscate your weapon for perhaps an extended period pending investigation, and many jurisdictions may retain your weapon indefinitely. So, do want to hand over a Glock or a Sig, when either one can get job done? Modern polymer framed handguns have a distinct advantage in weight category. With the larger, but still compact weapons like the Glock 19, we have 15 round magazines in those states that allow them and usually politically inspired 10 round magazines in those that don’t. Glocks represent economically and effective self-defense tools. Many manufacturers have jumped on the polymer frame band wagon and so Glock isn’t the only pony offering in the lightweight defensive show.

High Intensity Rounds

357 Sig, 40 S&W and the 10mm are high intensity rounds and shoot at higher pressures than the 9mm or 45 ACP. Pros and cons of these rounds have been debated in previous installments, and we won’t belabor those in this forum. Many of the same compact designs are available in these calibers as well. With the proper barrel and spring the Glocks can convert from the high velocity and flat shooting 357 Sig to the 40 S&W as the magazines are the same seeing as how the Sig is just a 40 S&W case necked to accommodate the smaller .355” bullet. Case compacity goes down some, but most will accommodate at least 10 rounds. The 10mm is kind of like a 40 S&W magnum, as the 40 is derived by shortening the 10mm’s case. For some though it is not a comfortable round to shoot. Loud, high muzzle flash and fairly high recoil. Last but assuredly not the least, is the 45 ACP. There compact weapons available as well as the venerable Colt 1911 of military fame. There is even polymer framed 1911s and well as some double stacked magazines. The 1911s are limited to generally 7-8 round magazines. Along with dropped capacity the only downside is the weight penalty for every day carry.

Custom Shooting Ranges Designed & Built in the United States of America

Investigate your offerings and pick a gun/ammo combo you’re comfortable with and has been tested. Remember you’re packing concealed to survive a deadly encounter, you need be confident in the tools you pick. A short comment on wheel guns (revolvers), these are reliable and effective, many with a long history of service. Two things, the cylinder may affect concealability and in multiple assailant encounters is five or six rounds enough? Even with speed loaders reloads are a bit slower (magazines load in low light situations hand-to-hand. Strong hand on the pistol grip and magazine in off-hand and are easier to load as the hands come together, a more intuitive reloading evolution). Shooting Range Industries offers custom built portable ranges. Contact us for more information today.

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