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Cool Christmas Gift Ideas for Gun Lovers & Collectors; Tactical Shooting Range Bag, Ear Protection, Firearms Training & More!

Children around the world are compiling their Christmas lists in hopes they get what they have asked for. How convenient for parents to know the exact wishes of their children this holiday season. It may not be as easy for adults. You might find yourself wondering what your significant other is dreaming of this Christmas season. If you have a gun enthusiast on your list, Shooting Range Industries has compiled a list of gifts they might be wishing for this holiday season.

Tactical Range Bag

Every gun owner needs to have a range bag to get their gear out to the range for some practice. You want to make sure that the bag is large enough to carry multiple guns, the ammo needed to shoot them, ear protection, targets and cleaning kits. If you can find one that has pockets to keep everything organized, that is best.

Electronic Ear Protection for Shooting

When you are shooting, protection for your ears should be a priority. You don’t want to damage your hearing while doing something you love. Your gun enthusiast might want some electronic shooting earmuffs that filter out the loud noises that come from a gun range. Depending on the amount of money you want to spend, you can find some that even have the capability of playing your favorite music while you wear them.

Firearms Training Near Me

No matter how long you have been shooting guns, every shooter can benefit from firearms training. This includes an instructor to give you the training you need that could end up saving your life one day. This is more than just a few hours at the range. You will be getting one on one instruction to help perfect your shooting skills.

Biometric Handgun Safe & Gun Vault

Gun vaults are small, portable gun safes for your gun. Its small size makes it easy for transportation while meeting the TSA airline firearm guidelines. This allows you to have your firearm locked up and out of small hands.

Benefits of NRA Membership & Renewals

If your gun lover isn’t already a member, you should look into getting them a membership with the NRA. If they are already a member, you can renew it. This will protect their freedom as gun owners. Around this time of year, they often have discounts on memberships, so look for one before you purchase.


No matter what gun you shoot, you need ammunition to do it. Ammunition is one of those things that you never feel you can have too much of. This will require a little extra research since you will need to know exactly what caliber and gauge to buy for, but it will be worth it.

High Quality Gun Cleaning Kits

If you are into shooting, then a pretty big part of owning your gun is to keep it clean. If you don’t clean it regularly, dirt and debris will end up hurting you gun in the end. A high quality cleaning kit is the perfect thing to keep your gun lover’s gun in pristine working order.

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