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Customs & Border Patrol Agents Physical & Firearms Training Practice, Testing, Requirements & Qualifications

Newly hired Border Patrol Agents receive basic training law enforcement skills at the CBP Border Patrol Academy located in Artesia, New Mexico. The course consists of 58 days of instruction and training in integrated law, physical training, driving and firearms instruction & training. All agents who are not fluent in Spanish must also complete a 40-day foreign language training program.

The Border Patrol Operations Course Consists of Five Separate Courses:

Nationality Law: instructs the trainee on how to determine if the person being questioned is an alien, a citizen of the United States or a national of the United States.
Immigration Law: instructs the trainee to verify the classification of aliens and determine the legal status of such persons, recognize violations and initiate appropriate actions.
Applied Authority: instructs the trainee to recognize violations of Federal criminal statutes and administer the appropriate action with regard to laws under the Department of Homeland Security.
Operations 1 & 2 provide specific training for the tasks performed by agents in the field including practical labs to allow trainees to experience hands-on training.

Border Patrol Academy Firearms Training & Qualifications

Firearms Training is designed to teach and provide instruction to the trainee in range safety, survival shooting techniques, quick point, judgement pistol shooting, and reaction shooting. Training is provided for the following firearms:
• Heckler & Koch P2000 Handgun
• Remington 870 Shotgun
• Colt Arms M4 Carbine Rifle

Physical Training at the Border Patrol Academy

The physical techniques training program is designed to provide physical conditioning to each trainee that will enable the new recruit to perform many different day to day tasks in the field environment. The primary function of a border patrol agent is to apprehend individuals who are violating immigration and nationality laws as well as apprehend individuals who are smuggling aliens or narcotics. Trainees and interns will take a final test consisting of:
• 1 ½ mile run – Maximum time: 13 minutes
• Confidence Course – Maximum time: 2 ½ minutes
• 220 Yard Dash – Maximum time: 46 seconds

Border Patrol Drivers Training Requirements

The Driver Training Program teaches trainees to safely and efficiently operate motor vehicles with particular emphasis placed on principles and techniques relating to motion, vehicle dynamics and driver response. Three areas of training must be successfully completed to graduate from the academy:
• Van and utility vehicle operation
• Skid control maneuvers
• Emergency response
Once these areas have been successfully completed, further advanced instructional training will be given in the areas of:
• Pursuit driving
• Vehicle stops (low & high risk)
• Night driving
• 4×4 off road driving
• SUV/Van evasive driving

Spanish Vocabulary Training Test or Border Patrol

The Spanish language training program ensures that trainees will be able to effectively communicate with individuals they encounter in the field who speak Spanish. This element is critical since records indicate that more than 90% of the more than one million undocumented aliens apprehended each year speak Spanish as their primary language.

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