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Defensive Handgun & Pistol Firearm Shooting Range Training Prepares You to Face Real World Encounters

There are as many as eight million Americans with concealed carry permits, and while many of these individuals have completed a rudimentary form of firearms training, most of these state-required training classes focus on legal issues and carry regulations. Very few of these programs are designed to cover self-defense strategy and tactical training and unfortunately, these classes do not prepare civilians to carry guns for self or home-defense.

Armed Citizen Training

While it may be true that the average armed citizen is better equipped to survive a violent attack than an unarmed one, a properly trained individual who is armed is much more likely to perform better. And let’s face it, your training could one day mean the difference between life and death. The experts at Shooting Range Industries have provided the following information to help you be better prepared should you ever be placed in a position where you or your family are being attacked. A professional training class is designed to build up stress and put you in a position where you feel unnerved. Training stress can easily cause you to make mistakes and possibly reveal your lowest level of performance. Real life training along with the added pressure provided by your instructor will show how easily your skill level might suffer in a real world encounter.

Shooting Practice in Inclement Weather

If you need to use your gun in a real life situation, you won’t be able to predict the weather. One of the best training scenarios you can take part in is in the pouring rain. If you have to defend yourself you won’t be able to throw down a white flag based on your feelings about shooting in inclement weather. Shooting in the rain will give you an opportunity to learn your deficiencies and improve your skill. Shooting with wet slippery hands, mud and cold wet clothes is a genuine and enlightening experience.

Real Life Shooting Scenerios

While a stationary target at your local shooting range is fun to shoot at it can build false confidence levels. With some practice you will have it mastered leaving you to feel invincible. The problem of course is few attackers are going to be standing still while you stand in a perfect stance, draw and take precise aim. A good training class will have you moving backwards, forwards and sideways. While punching holes in a target in close proximity makes you feel like a giant, try the same thing in a class with an instructor that has you moving, yelling commands, drawing and shooting simultaneously. Your groupings will expand because standing and shooting at a stationary target in a leisurely manner will not prepare you for an encounter out in the real world.

Self Defense Shooting Classes

An effective training class is designed to put you in a position that will not only unnerve you; it will also intimidate you. Not to make you feel stupid or inferior, but to help you understand how much you don’t know and how much practice you need to successfully use a weapon as a form of self-defense. A quality training class with a professional instructor doesn’t just teach you the skills needed to fire a weapon for self-defense, it also teaches you self-confidence so you can become the victor instead of the victim should you or your family be placed in a potentially life threatening situation.

Custom Modular Range Design, Equipment & Accessories Shipped from Las Vegas Nevada

Similar to self defense shooting classes, our custom shooting ranges from Shooting Range Industries help simulate real life situations such as low light and interactive scenarios. Contact us for more information today!

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