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Design & Build of a Live Fire Two Story Shoot House Training Facility with Fast Rope Tower & 3 Gun Shooting Porch in Las Vegas, NV for Machine Guns Vegas!

Gone are the days of training law enforcement and military in the classroom to get ready for hostile situations. There are now other options to help get someone ready for real combat. Modular shoot or kill houses have been built to create a real environment for training purposes. Shooting Range Industries would like to talk about shoot houses and the many benefits of using one.

How Do Live Fire Modular Shoot House Training Facilities Work?

When the goal is training, having an environment that is realistic is important. Shoot or kill houses are indoor firing ranges that are set up to simulate a residential or commercial environment that can train law enforcement or military agencies in several combat scenarios. The cool part is, they can use live fire weapons since the walls are built to absorb the rounds fired from their weapons.

Benefits of Modular Shoot House Construction

Since the shoot houses are modular, they can be moved easily and the floor plans can be moved around to fit different scenarios. When using a modular shoot house, it means the training can take place anywhere you need it to with the ease of assembling and dissembling. This makes it ideal for law enforcement and military that may need training to take place in a specific layout. Modular shoot houses can be delivered and set up within the matter of one to two days!

Types of Live Fire Shoot House Training

The best part of modular shoot houses is the customizable training that can take place within them. You can customize the training to meet the specific needs of your agency or group. Some scenarios that take place in shoot houses might include:
• Sniper Shooting Skills
• Rope Assents
• 360 Degree Firing
• Target Discrimination
• Team Building Exercises
• Tactical Movement
• Breaching

Kill House Safety Guidelines

When using a shoot house for training or recreational use, there are numerous safety guidelines that should be followed. These cardinal rules are set in place to ensure everyone involved has a safe experience.
1. Treat each weapon as if it is loaded.
2. Avoid pointing your firearm at other people.
3. Be aware of your surroundings, not just your target, but anything or anyone beyond that.

Shooting Range Industries Designs & Builds Two Story Shoot House for Machine Guns Vegas

Although many shoot houses are designed with law enforcement and military in mind, there are some that are set up for public use as well. There are many shooters that want to have the training that only a shoot house can provide to prepare for hostile situations at home and other areas. Shooting Range Industries just designed, fabricated and installed a new two story shoot house/fast rope tower along with a separate classroom and wrap around three gun shooting porch for Machine Guns Vegas. In total we created nine modules at the SRI plant in Las Vegas, Nevada. We had them delivered and assembled in just two days total! These training modules will provide private and agency training for breaching, tactical room clearing, fast roping, 3 gun match shooting, and much more. Not only have we built these shoot houses for Machine Guns Vegas, but we have designed and fabricated many virtual simulation shoot houses as well.

Active Shooter Law Enforcement & Military Training; Portable Modular Shooting Houses with Custom Range Design, Bullet Traps, Equipment & Accessories; All Designed & Manufactured in Las Vegas, Nevada

If you are looking for customizable, cutting edge training, Shooting Range Industries can help you create the shooting environment customizable to your specific needs. Call us today to learn more.

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