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Dry Firing a Gun; Importance of Dry Fire Practice, Holster Draw Techniques, Trigger Control Training & More

Being an owner of a firearm means you have some responsibilities. You need to make sure you know the best and safest way to store your firearms. You also want to make sure you are doing what you can to sharpen your skills. It is your responsibility to know how to handle, store and use your gun. If you have a firearm there are things you can do to get better and to have better handling. One of the things that you can do is to practice dry firing. There are some people that will tell you that this is not a good idea but there are some good benefits to doing it. Shooting Range Industries outlines what dry firing is and what the benefits are.

What is Dry Firing a Gun?

If you have a gun you know that you have to be at a range to be able to shoot. You can also be out hunting or in designated areas that shooting is allowed. When you pull the trigger the bullet is being used and it can be dangerous. When you are using dry firing technique you can pull the trigger on your weapon in any area and not have a bullet used. You want to make sure that you check your weapon to ensure that it is clear. Then you can use a dummy round that is put in place of the bullets that have a plastic center so that there is no ammo. You still need to use caution when dry firing and you should only aim the weapon in a location that is safe. You still do not want to point it at any living thing.

Practice Holster Draw Techniques

There are many people that want to practice with their weapon. Not just loading and shooting the gun but they may need to better with a holster. It can be hard to practice with a holster in a range setting and that is why dry firing can be a benefit. You can safely have your gun in a holster loaded with a dummy round. Then you can pull the weapon from the holster and practice your technique and your drawing. This can be what saves your life in a situation that is fast moving. You want to be able to safely remove your weapon from the holster and have a good hold.

Trigger Control Training

Another thing that you want to make sure you are getting better at is called trigger control. The way that you pull the trigger will determine where the bullet will go. If you do not have good trigger control you can be pulling the gun which will not correct your aim. You want to have a good placement as well as the best way that you can do that is practice. When you dry fire you can focus on the placement of the finger and the pull of the trigger. Over time you will gain muscle memory to allow you to have a better shot.

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