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Eye & Ear Protection for for Firearms Training; Best Shooting Glasses & Ear Muffs or Plugs

When you spend time on the range to sharpen your shooting skills, whether you are there to hone abilities for your career, for competitive sports, or for recreational purposes, you want to make sure you are covering and protecting yourself. Eye and ear protection is an essential asset to have with you when you practice on the range and we at Shooting Range Industries would like to elaborate on why.

Why You Need Eye Protection for Shooting

Muzzle flash can cause damage to the eyes, ricochets, unburned powder spray, and errant birdshots are averted with quality eye protection. Safety glasses offer an element of protection that is an absolute must, because accidents can occur more often than you may suppose while shooting. Since you only have one set of eyes, you better protect them. Eye protection can also help you locate targets more efficiently when sporting the best glasses to protect your eyes while firing. When the shooter uses yellow-tinted lenses in their shooting glasses, the contrast is often enhanced.

Best Shooting Glasses

When looking for a high-quality eye protection, there are a few key points to look for. Ensure the eyewear meets the ANSI Z87 +1 standards for top protection against the flying debris. The lenses conform to completely stop a quarter-inch steel ball traveling at 150 feet per second. Additionally make certain that the eye protective shooting glasses are:
– Comfortable; if they are uncomfortable people have a tendency to find excuses to not wear them.
– Make sure they fit well so they don’t slide off when you move.
– Cleaned easily.
– If you wear glasses, ensure they fit over your prescription.
– Durable to take a little bit abuse.
The shooting glasses should also be comprised of polycarbonate or impact-resistant plastic lenses as they are scratch resistant and less likely to shatter.

What Color Lenses for Shooting

Lenses color is also factor for your preference.
Amber or brown: Improves contrast and ideal for outdoor shooting ranges particularly on overcast days to block out the blue light.
Clear: Another optimal choice for shooting outdoors under fairly normal conditions, it is best all-around option.
Polarized: Polarizing lenses are terrific for dusk or dawn shooting; they reduce glare and maximizing contrast.
Red: Hunters particularly favor red lenses.
Yellow/orange: They enhance the color range and make low-light shooting easier, best for shooting late in the day or in the early morning.

Shooting Ear Protection

Where protecting the eyes is a must, ears are just as important. When firing a standard load, a typical shotgun generates about 140 dB of noise. This is enough to cause instant hearing damage that is permanent. There are three primary ways that gunfire can damage hearing:
1) Sound frequency; measured in Hertz on how high or low the report is.
2) Sound intensity; measured in decibels- dB (traditionally) how loud or soft the report is.
3) Duration; length of time ears are exposed to the report.

Best Hearing Protection for Shooting

When you are looking for quality ear protection comfort and safe shooting are the priority with a few considerations. The NRR, or noise reduction rating factor is one of the important aspects for ear protection. The ear muffs or plugs need to be properly fitted in order to reduce the noise by a minimum of 20 dB but more is better. Guns can generate 140dB of noise or more, not all of it is heard by the shooter since the barrel is pointed away and noise is directed down range. So with that said ear wear with a 30 dB-reduction puts the shooter in a safe range. Additionally, a matter of preference is deciding what type of ear protection is right for you. There are options from smaller, lightweight and inexpensive, but they are likely not to fit securely over-the-ear style. They can easily fall off the ear during recoil movement which is not an ideal result. Some shooter that tend to shoot the louder guns opt to double the ear protection with in-ear hearing protection with standard earmuffs to ensure safe, comfortable shooting at all times.

Custom Shooting Ranges for Safe Firearms Practice & Training

Just remember when shooting on the range that protecting your ears and eyes are just as important if not more so than sharpening your skills. Stay safe at all times. Shooting Range Industries offers custom shooting ranges. Contact us to learn more today.

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