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Famous Movie Guns Used in Hollywood Movies; Beretta 92, Walther PPK, Colt Peacemaker, Desert Eagle & More

There are many famous firearms that were made in Hollywood. Where many of them were modified to fit the script of the movie, others were merely a prop to convey the story plot. Today, we at Shooting Range Industries would like to take the opportunity to share a few of the guns made famous by Hollywood films.

Beretta 92 Models

The most likely to be recognized, the Beretta 92 and its variants been in more films than can be counted. As all-time famous police gun however, you probably recall this weapon in the Die Hard” and “Lethal Weapon” franchises. Though there are many examples this gun can be found in, these are just the two prime ones. In real life, the Beretta 92 is a common favorite among law enforcement and military officers.

Walther PPK

This iconic firearm is well-known from the James Bond series. Though many of the Bond actors used this iconic piece of hardware, it also has more ominous origins. the Walther PP was developed in the late 1920s series and was issued to police and to various personnel in the Nazi ranks, including regular army and secret police. In fact, Adolf Hitler killed himself with one. Though the double-action system gives some modern shooters fits, the PPK is known as a capable CCW pistol today.

Smith & Wesson Model 29

Made famous by Clint Eastwood in the film “Dirty Harry,” and the character used it in every film in the franchise. The legendary and notorious screenwriter, director and certified gun nut deliberately written into the script. As a result, it is arguably the most iconic magnum revolvers. Smith and Wesson could barely give Model 29 pistols away at the time.

Sharps Rifle

Another popular gun made from the movies, this fairly modified rifle is easily recognized from the fairly popular Western, set in Australia, film “Quigley Down Under.” Until it was replaced by the Spencer rifle, which wasn’t single shot, the Sharps carbine version was popular with the US military. Being known for its incredible accuracy at long range, this full-size version was one of the best of the buffalo rifles.

Colt Single Action Army AKA Colt Peacemaker

This is the gun people associate with the Western genre. Wyatt Earp didn’t have a Buntline Special SAA at the shootout at the OK Corral, contrary to popular belief. He had a Smith and Wesson Model 3, which is known as the “Schofield revolver.” Until Colt actually started making them in the 1950s, there is no evidence that a Buntline Special ever existed.

Desert Eagle

The only other pistol you can mention alongside it is the Coonan pistol series in addition to being the most successful attempt at getting magnum power into a semi-automatic pistol. Employing a gas piston and bolt instead of a blowback-operated slide, the Desert Eagle is a highly innovative design. The Deagle, as it is sometimes called, can operate safely with magnum rounds. With a slide-mounted manual safety, the Desert Eagle is actually single-action. There are countless films that have increased the popularity of this powerful handgun.

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