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Famous Women Shooters in History & Today; Rise in Female Gun Ownership & Concealed Carry Guns for Protection, Sport & Recreational Shooting

Women are a Driving Force in the World of Firearms

In many facets of life, women are making their voices known. The same can be said in the gun community. The rise in women that carry a firearm is amazing. Just since 2008 the NRA’s Women on Target Program has seen a jump in participation by 70%! The rough and tough ads showing sturdy women with guns in their hands of the 1880s have taken a drastic turn. Now ads show women of all shapes, sizes, and ages from suburban mothers to super models to hunters and cowgirls all adorning their idea of the perfect gun. Shooting Range Industries would like to recognize the way women are changing the gun industry around the world.

Famous Female Shooters in History

There are many women that have made a strong impression in the world of firearms dating clear back in the 1800s to present time. Some of these women include:
Pheobe Ann Moses (Annie Oakley) – This rough and tough cowgirl was an excellent hunter and trapper. She helped support her family with her hunting and trapping skills. She became widely popular after starring as a sharp shooter on Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.
Margaret Thomas Murdock – Margaret made history at the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games, competing in small-bore rifle events. She made her mark competing in the same events as men and was the first woman to receive an Olympic medal in shooting events.
Lyudmila Pavlichenko – Lyudmila was a sniper in the Soviet Union during WWII. She was made a war hero and became a strong advocate for women in the military.

Women Shooting Today

Just like in earlier history, women are a driving force in the world of firearms today. Some women to keep your eye on today are:
Julie Golob – The team captain for Smith & Wesson shooting team has won over 120 championship titles and is a former member of the US Army Marksmanship Unit. She is surely making her mark in competitive shooting.
Kimberly Rhodes – Kimberly Rhodes has competed in five Olympiads and has won more medals in Olympic shooting that any American athletes in any sport. She won her third gold medal in Olympic Women’s Skeet shooting in 2012.
Jessie Duff – Jessie Duff is a loud voice in favor of Second Amendment rights and received the USPSA Practical Shooting Grandmaster title which few men or women marksmen ever achieve.

Female Gun Ownership & Concealed Carry Guns for Women

There are several reasons women are starting to carry firearms more and more. A leading reason is for protection. More women are taking matters into their own hands, making sure they have the skills to protect themselves and their loved ones. Being able to defend themselves give many women a sense of empowerment. There are women that just have a love for shooting and the sport of it. Whether it is hunting, competitive shooting, or Olympic shooting events, women are finding there is room for them in the world of shooting sports.

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