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Firearm Gearheads; Tools for Reloading Bullets, Gun Sights, Shooting Range Equipment & More

Like auto enthusiasts and computer geek types, those who appreciate firearms tend to be ‘gearheads’. Merriam-Webster defines gearhead as: a person who pursues mechanical or technological interests (as in automobiles or computers) or guns. After all a gun is a machine, right? And that gun cleaning kit that looks like an attaché case wasn’t just bought for looks and cool factor, was it? How about gunsmith’s screw driver kit. Well if you appreciate these items, you’re becoming a gearhead, if not already arrived.

Supplies & Tools for Reloading Bullets

Handloaders and 1000 yard benchrest shooters are the ultimate gearheads with their cartridge concentricity gauges. There is reference to top five must have reloading tools.
Calibers. Dial or digital; not too many use Vernier calipers any more.
Scales. Nothing beats the Ohaus Reloaders Beam Balance, no longer made as a reloading tool but can be had in milligrams and ounces, we got calculators, right? The new digital scales are popular as well with motorized dribblers no less. (Dribbler? It dispenses powder on grain at a time).
Hand Priming Tool. Primes cases away from the loading press. Set and prime cases while watching your favorite sitcom.
Powder Dispenser: Only loading a few rounds you can dribble powder from scale to case. But if going to load a 1,000 case you will want a powder dispenser.
Bullet Puller. Covers the ‘oops’ factor or recycles some mil bullets from surplus cases to pull bullets for loads that didn’t perform well or other reasons. Bullets are expensive, cases even more so.
Of course, you need a press, dies, reamers, shell holders, case trimmers, case lube, funnels, deburring tools, tumbler and media, some other goodies.

Shooting Range Equipment

Going to range, you need a bag and compact cleaning kit. The attaché cased cleaner is overkill for the range. You need tools, a multitool or some other means for setting sights, or other tasks that may be encountered. Shooting an AR-15 or a 1911? There are special tools for these weapons as well as the generic shooters. We need ammo magazines or speed loaders. Ammo is like a self-contained module for feeding an internal combustion engine. It has the fuel, powder, igniter or primer and a single use piston to fire the bullet. Shoot traditional muzzle loaders with black powder or substitutes? You need a nipple wrench, patch knife and bullet starter and a ram rod. Patch lube and a plethora of other goodies.

Gun Sights

How about sights? Scopes, reflex sights, red dots and pistols with glow in the dark night sights. Maybe not as many accessories as the auto gearheads but there sure a lot of things you can put on your pistol or rifle.

Custom Shooting Range Design Model & Fabrication

Shooters may not be into the tools, accessories and dress-up do-dads as much as the audiophiles, auto performance aficionados or the computerphile, bet rest assured we got some gear heads among us. A lot of firearms guys also like jeeps and trucks, especially four-wheel drives. There may not hope for some of us. Of course, we could be truckin’ across open country, stereo pumpin’ the beat, a gun rack with bows, rifles and shotguns. A bed with camping gear, good friends or family or just some alone time. A jeep with roll cage, winch, air tools, battery welder and a CO2 tank to drive air tools with our fire extinguisher on the frame ridin’ on our 32” tires over a 2 1/2 “ lift kit. Just gearheads squawkin’ on our citizens band. But most of us have work and family obligations that keep us close to home. Shooting Range Industries designs and builds custom portable shooting ranges that can conveniently be placed on your property. Contact us to learn more today!

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