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Firearm Inaccuracies in Hollywood Movies; Poor Shooting Grip, Unlimited Ammo & More

Most people know that Hollywood films are loosely based on reality. Some producers attempt to make various aspects as authentic as possible, but do not always deliver. Many times, people are so caught up in the moment, that they do not see or know the flaws displayed. Avid shooters, however, tend to notice the shooting blunders in Hollywood films, and today, we at Shooting Range Industries would like to share a few examples.

Hollywood Movie Gun Mistakes & Fails

1) Trigger finger. The number one-gun safety rule is to keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire. It is ingrained in beginners and a habit for experienced shooters. When the actors/actresses have their finger on the trigger while delivering their lines, it can drive those who know better crazy.
2) Infinite magazines. There always seem to be an endless amount of ammo spewing from various types of guns and none of the heroes take the time to reload. Where there are a few action movies that show a reload, there are more that seem to have magazines that are unlimited.
3) Excessive noise. Movies seem to emphasize the noises guns make when they are picked up and set down. This sound effect is inaccurate and nowhere near as noisy as they portray.
4) Inaccurate shot firing sounds. The sound they make while firing is far quieter in the movies. It is encouraged and recommended to the extreme that you wear ear protection. Shots firing are far louder in real life than they are in the movies.
5) Gangsta shooting. Shooting the gun sideways has become a very popular trend in the past couple decades and continues to trend in Hollywood. Shooting the gun sideways is more difficult to control and the casings are highly more likely to hit you in the face. The only applicable tactic to shoot sideways is in law enforcement or military strategies where the shooter is shooting from behind a shield.
6) Poor shooting grips. Hollywood stars using poor gripping technique, such as the very common tea-cup grip is the best example of how not to grip your handgun. There is no support against the recoil, and missing is more probable. Grabbing the wrist is another poor example of gripping your weapon, though Hollywood does not always accurately show recoil, these grips are very bad.
7) Incorrect cocking of gun. Where this can be subtle to most viewers, those who notice it can be driven nuts. Generally, cocking the hammer is only necessary with revolvers, but action stars always cock any weapon they, usually to make a dramatic point, but it is still over the top. They will also cock it multiple times without firing, a major pet-peeve among gun enthusiasts. Over cocking with shotguns and rifles are equally done as well.

Custom Designed & Built Shooting Ranges for Military, Law Enforcement, Actors & Civilians

There many other nuances that Hollywood movies tend to get wrong when it comes to firearms, these are just a few of the most common. If you opt to learn how to use firearms, forget what you learned in the movies and take beginner classes and practice safe gun shooting skills at your local firing range! Shooting Range Industries Designs and builds custom portable shooting ranges for the ultimate in convenience when practicing and training with your weapons.

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