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General Ammunition Inspection Tips; Correct Ammo Type for Your Firearm, Check Case Head & More

You have to be incredibly safety minded when you are using a firearm. Something that should always be done before you shoot is a quick ammunition inspection. It is the shooter’s responsibility to ensure the ammunition they are using in their firearm is safe to use. There are several things that should be checked as far as ammunition is concerned. Shooting Range Industries is here to share some ammunition inspection tips that could end up saving your life.

Checking Your Ammunition Before Shooting

Just because you are pulling your ammunition out of a factory box, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t defects there that deem the ammo unsafe. You should visually and physically inspect the following things before using any ammunition.
– Correct Caliber for Firearm: For obvious reasons, you need to make sure the caliber is correct for the weapon you are using. To fail at doing this could be dangerous.
– Primers: Check each primer to ensure its fully seated and flush with the case head. If the primer cup is raised, you should discard this round because it will likely fail. You should also avoid using any lubricants like WD-40 around ammunition as it can penetrate the primer pocket and contaminate the primer. Ammunition doesn’t need to be lubricated in any way.
– Case Head: The case head on your round should be round and smooth without any dents or divots. Damage to the case head can make the rim deformed and out of round. When there are issues with the case head, it can render the firearm useless.
– Case Mouth: The case mouth or crimp shouldn’t have any sign of cracking or rolling over. If the case mouth has been rolled over during the bullet-seating process, it will not fully chamber and cause a stoppage.
– Powder: You can hear and feel the powder moving around in the case of a centerfire rifle cartridge. All you have to do is shake each round. It is unfortunate that you can’t do this with many pistol ammos or shotshells.
– Stubbed Rounds: You should avoid chambering a bullet repeatedly to avoid damaging the round. If you repeatedly chamber a round, it can loosen the bullet in the case and dent the case head. If you have chambered a round several times, you are better of discarding it rather than trying to use fire it.

Modular Shooting Ranges with Premium Safety Features

It is incredibly important that the ammunition you are using is safe to be used. This is one more layer of safety that every shooter should be keenly aware of. At Shooting Range Industries, we know how important firearm safety is. When we fabricate our modular shooting ranges, we do so with safety in mind. Every shooter that spends time at the shooting range should be practicing firearm safety right along with perfecting their shot. Call us to learn more about our modular ranges today!

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