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Getting Started in Competitive Pistol & Rifle Shooting; Practice, Holster Homework & Follow Safety Shooting Range Rules!

Professional shooting is a popular sport with competitions being held all over the country each and every year. Competitive shooting is a fast sport that requires accuracy and discipline to succeed. Many gun owners have the desire to get involved with competitive shooting but do not know where to start or even feel a bit intimidated to get into the sport thinking that it is only for professionals or military snipers. This could not be farther from the truth, competitive shooting is for anyone that loves guns and wants to improve their skills while competing at the same time. Competitive shooting is a great way to improve your gun knowledge, safety and speed. Do not shy away from competitive shooting because you think you do not have the talent or skill it takes to compete. Everyone has to start somewhere, and fellow competitive shooters know and respect that fact.

Do your Holster Homework before Competing in Competitive Pistol Shooting

Once you have made the decision to get involved with competitive shooting, it is easy to get excited and go out and purchase a slew of holsters and other equipment that you think will make you better. One of the most important pieces of equipment to purchase other than your firearm is a reliable holster. Competitive shooting requires a holster that will make your transitions smooth and safe. When shopping for a holster, avoid ones that take two hands to draw your pistol, takes two hands to re-holster your pistol and any holster that forces you to point your firearm at any body parts that you do not want to lose. Experienced competitive shooters avoid using nylon holsters, leather inside the waistband holsters and cheap inexpensive holsters. While saving money is always important, your safety is far more valuable than any money you save purchasing a holster. Do your homework and ask around for what holster would work best for the type of competitive shooting that you are interested in.

Competitive Shooting Safety

The most important skill for competitive shooting is safety, and yes, safety is a skill. Many shooters find this out the hard way, making dumb mistakes that put themselves and others in danger. Take the time and attention that is required to sharpen your gun safety skills. When you decide on what type of firearm you are going to be using during competitive shooting competitions, go over every part of the gun. Make sure you are completely familiar with where the safety is located, how it works, the magazine release and other parts of the firearm. Become completely familiar with your firearm to avoid putting yourself and your fellow shooters in any type of danger. It is also important to become familiar with shooting range rules. These may differ from range to range, but the majority of them will be the same. If you are a first time shooter, ask a range worker to go over the rules with you. They will be more than happy to help you understand basic range rules, competition rules and the common commands that are used during competition and how to follow them.

Custom Shooting Range Design for Competitive, Recreational, Law Enforcement & Military Training & Practice!

Competitive shooting is a fun and exciting sport to get involved with. For more information on how to sharpen your shooting skills, contact Shooting Range Industries today to learn about our custom portable shooting ranges.

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