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Gifts for Men & Women Gun Nuts; Glowshot Reactive Targets, Rifle, Tactical & Other Shooting Gun Magazine Subscriptions & More!

Christmas Day and all of its magic is fast approaching, and with the shopping days slowly counting down, you might be wondering what on earth you can get your loved one for Christmas that loves everything firearms. Well fear not, we at Shooting Range industries have compiled a list of incredible gift ideas your avid gun enthusiast would love to have this Christmas season!

Glowshot Reactive Splatter & Other Fun Targets

Target practice will be a lot more fun with splatter targets; and easier too. These targets are black with neon under-colors so that when you hit the target the penetration creates neon colored halo around the striking point. This neon halo makes distance shooting simpler. Other fun targets include Birchwood-Casey’s ‘Battle at Sea Dirty Bird‘ target line which is played just like battleship.

Rifle, Tactical & Other Shooting Magazine Subscriptions

There are many popular firearm related magazines. Your gun enthusiast more than likely has a few favorites and investing in a subscription might be a unique idea to feed their habit without having to pick out anything specific. ‘Guns and Ammo’, ‘Gun World’, ‘Shooting Times’ or ‘Field and Stream’ are popular choices and allow your recipient to keep up with all the current news and newest gadgets available.

Firearms and/or Combat Tactical Training

If your gun enthusiast is just discovering the passion of gun ownership; investing in gun range passes, concealed weapons permit certification, or beginning training classes can give them a head start on handling, safety, and overall use.

Gunsmithing Supplies & Tool Set

Repairing and upgrading your own guns is an important skill to acquire and where some owners are leery on performing any maintenance on their firearm, some are more than happy to get their hands dirty. For those looking to get to know their firearms intimately, a gunsmith tool set might be the most optimal gift. Keep in mind however, that although most gun owners with some mechanical aptitude can learn to do simple repairs, gunsmithing is a skilled trade that takes lots of training and experience. This would make a great gift for a veteran gun owner, but maybe not for the novice.

Best Gun Bore Light

If your gun enthusiast is an avid collector, or would like to be, a bore light would make a great gift. A bore light is a light source connected to flexible tubing that is inserted into one end of the gun barrel so that you can inspect it for scratches, rust and imperfections. This inexpensive tool is a must for anyone interested in buying second-hand guns.

Tactical Pen

While this is not necessarily a gun accessory, many gun enthusiasts are also into self-defense, survival and protection. This is an inexpensive stocking stuffer idea. A tactical pen writes just like any other pen, and is refillable; but it is also a weapon. Most tactical pens are made of aircraft aluminum to make them strong enough to be used to strike a would-be assailant. The aircraft aluminum makes the pen strong enough to use the blunt end for stopping power or the writing end for stabbing.


Finally, for those who enjoy shooting on the range frequently, the cost of ammo can stack up quickly. Getting your loved one some ammo or a gift card to get some might be the perfect idea for Christmas.

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