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Gun Cleaning; How to Clean & Oil a Pistol, Rifle or Shotgun with the Best Solvent & Other Supplies

When it comes to your firearm, there are many facets that include honing skills; safety handling, use and storage; and proper maintenance are the basics. Keeping your gun clean is essential to ensure proper function. Today, we at Shooting Range Industries would like to discuss the gun cleaning process.

How to Clean a Gun

1) Unload and remove bolt. For specific gun model instructions, read the owner’s manual.
before cleaning any gun, open the action to make sure it is unloaded. Remove magazines or clips. For shotgun, semi-auto rifle, or pistol, remove the lock open the action, or take the bolt in the rifle out. Brush with solvent, clean, dry off, and lightly lube the bolt. Ensure you brush the extractor and/or ejector as good as possible.
2) Bore swab. With attached bronze brush soaked in gun solvent down the barrel and out the muzzle, set the cleaned bolt aside and working from the breech or chamber end only run a cleaning rod. If the barrel is particularly dirty, repeat this step. Let the cleaning solution breakup the debris for 10-15 minutes if necessary. The solvent is allowed to dissolve and soften bullet jacket material, lead, and powder fowling.
3) Bore scrub. After the solvent breaks down, loosen the gunk in the barrel by running the solvent soaked bronze brush down the barrel again several times. Rather than pulling it back up and out the chamber, purists would say to unscrew the brush at the muzzle at each stroke of the cleaning rod rather. This extra effort might make a difference if you are a professional target shooter.
4) Run bore with patches. Down the barrel and out the muzzle end, run several solvent soaked patches. Replace each time with a clean patch, pull back up, and replace patch again. Continue to repeat until the cleanliness is satisfactory. Make certain the bore corresponds with caliber of your gun.
5) Light lube application. Though same may know better, guns do not perform well with excessive oil. The barrel just needs a light coat of rust prevention oil as does the bolt after all the swabbing and scrubbing. Wipe down all the metal surfaces of the gun a clean soft cotton cloth, lightly dabbed with oil. To keep fingerprints from ending up on the metal before storage, be sure to wear gloves.

Other Firearm Cleaning Tips

Do not put any firearm in any kind of a sealed case, or fabric or plastic for long-term after cleaning and storage. Avoid moisture storage options and be sure that ammo is kept in a place separate from guns. Use a clean toothbrush to dust in the juncture of the barrel where fitted to the stock, as well as the sights, scope metal, and mounts. Like with any high-quality glass, clean the optical lenses. The trigger area should be brushed. After cleaning, oil it lightly. Below the action, brush up into the magazine insert cavity and brush off the butt plate. Cleaning the weapon after each use is essential for maintenance, as well as cleaning them periodically even when not being used.