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Gun Cleaning Maintenance Tips & Techniques; Clean your Firearm after Every Use at the Shooting Range!

Regularly hitting the firing range is a highly beneficial hobby. It is proven to relieve stress, promote better posture, and is a sport that always has room for improvement.

Shooting Range Industries would like to remind you to always clean your firearm after each use. Below are a few tips on cleaning your weapon.

– As mentioned before, it is a good habit to clean your guns after each session. A proper cleaning promotes a more efficient gun, hinders rust, and reduces operating malfunctions.
– Make sure to research all of the best cleaning equipment, chemicals and lubricants appropriate for your gun. There are many toys and gadgets for cleaning the barrel of a gun, some are far more superior than others. Keep in mind user reviews when looking into products to see what real customers have to say.
– Corrosive ammunition can quickly erode your gun and render it useless. Stay away from the corrosive ammo. This ammo is commonly found in military surplus cartridges. The corrosive salts are typically found in the powder or primer. If your weapon is infected with this corrosive chemical, it has to be removed by ammonia based solvents. A mess better avoided.
Multi-solvent and lubricants are the better choices. Again, research your choice of solution, but the biggest benefit is the one liquid does it all. By doing, you cut down on the chances of rust, keep it well cleaned and lubricated.
Include a shaving brush in your cleaning kit. As silly as it sounds, it makes cleaning more effective reaching into the hard to clean crevices. The bristles are short and sturdy enough to sweep away dirt and debris. The small nature of the implement also makes it easy to handle and maneuver.
– Even the guns you don’t get to shoot often should be cleaned periodically. Between climate and storage, your gun could be subjected to moisture, leading to rust, or dirt or oil build up leading to malfunctions and damage.
– Do not neglect to clean your magazines thoroughly, and often. Dirt and debris can lead to a malfunctioning clip. Using a lightly lubricated rag, sparingly swift the rag through your magazines feed lips, follower and outside.
Remove the carbon build up. Usually requires scraping, the buildup can typically found on internal gun parts and bolt. This job needs a bit of muscle to ensure the carbon buildup is thoroughly removed.
– When working with new guns, consult the manual until it has become second nature. Often parts that are in need of cleaning and lubricating get overlooked.

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It is always fun going to the shooting range to blow off some steam, or to hone in on your skills. Just always remember to clean the guns thoroughly after every use, and periodically for the ones stored away. Contact Shooting Range Industries for more information on building your own custom shooting range!

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