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Gun Safety Courses, Concealed Carry Classes, Self Defense Firearms Training & Realistic Interactive Simulation of Real Life Scenarios!

If you are like many people that want to carry some kind of protection a firearm is a great option. That is only true to an extent because you need to be trained on safety as well as how to use the firearm comfortably. Step one is never to go out and just buy a firearm without knowing about it. You should so some research on what type would be best for you, talk to your local gun store for advice. You can even hit the range to try out a few so you know what you are comfortable with. Now that you are ready to buy a gun you might think that you are ready to go. But there is a lot more that goes into carrying a firearm that you need to learn!

Shooting Range Industries Lists Reasons that You Need to Have Firearm Training When You Own a Gun

Concealed Carry Permit Isn’t Enough to Feel Confident to Fire Your Weapon: You may be thinking that you went and did your concealed carry permit so that should be sufficient to carry a gun. The problem is that the class is mostly focused on safety when carrying and handling a weapon but not a lot on the technique. The class that you will get is with a group and may only require you shooting your weapon a few times. That is not enough to deem you ready to be good at defending yourself. The issue is that the scenario that you may find yourself in when you need to use your weapon will be far more stressful than shooting at a stationary target at a range. You want to be sure that you continue your training so you are fully prepared if you need to use it.
Train With Moving Shooting Targets: When you go out shooting with buddies you most likely have cardboard boxes or paper targets that get hung up. The target is placed and never moved so when you take your time shooting at those targets you are a sure shot. The target can’t run or dodge you so you are not ready for a real life scenario when you could potentially be in danger for your life. You need to have some training with targets that are in motion. You can find a shooting range that offers these types of scenarios and training techniques.
Advantages of Simulation Training: The range is a great place but if the range doesn’t offer some real moving scenarios then you are not ready. A range can offer digital pictures that will move and come out from around a corner or behind a building. These are great training techniques so you can see how well you identify the target as an actual threat appropriately. These scenarios are used by law enforcement and military to train them in real life situations. You want to feel like you can make a rational judgement and quickly so you are not endangering others around you.

Customized Shooting Ranges with Realistic Interactive Simulations of Real Life Scenarios

Shooting Range Industries designs and builds custom shooting ranges with realistic interactive training simulations where actual weapons are fired and the bullets caught in a specialized bullet trap. Contact us to learn more!

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