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Gun Safety Lesson Plans for Kids; Purpose of Firearm, Consider Guns Always Loaded & More

There are many people that have guns in their home as a way to protect their family. There are also lots of people that use guns for sport as well as hunting. When it comes to guns that are in the home it is important that they are locked up and kept safe and out of the hands of someone else, especially kids. One aspect of having guns in your house is to make sure that everyone that lives in the house has knowledge of the guns and how to be safe. This also means kids and even at a young age should have some ideas on safety. This can be hard for some people to understand and know what to tell them and when. If you have guns in the house someone should be responsible for keeping them in their own case or safe that is locked. They also can take on the teaching so that everyone knows what is in the house and where it is. Shooting Range Industries offers helpful tips on teaching kids about gun safety.

What is the Purpose of a Gun?

One of the things that you want to talk to your kids about is what guns are used for. Knowing the reason that the guns are in the house can help them to know why they should not be touching them. You can let them know that they are used to defend yourself and your property from a would be attacker or thief. They are also something that people will use to hunt and get food to eat. This is a way of life and a skill that can come in handy. Lastly many people choose to use their guns for sport. They like to go to the shooting range and test their hand at target practice. They also can shoot skeet or clays and even join clubs that they can practice and even participate in events. There are many reasons that people have guns and none of them are to play with in the house.

Teach Kids to Practice No Touching Rule Without Adult Superision

You want to talk to your kids about the dangers of the guns that are in the house and make sure they know that they should not touch. The best tip is to talk to your kids about not touching the guns in the house. If they are unsure about a gun and if it is even real they need to practice the no touching rule. It is best to be safe and keep their hands off the gun even if they think it can be a fake. You also want to talk to them about adult supervision when touching, handling and shooting a gun. This is to ensure that someone is there to remind them about the rules of safety as they are using the gun.

Consider All Guns are Always Loaded when Handling Weapons

If you handle a gun the rule is the same for every age group and that means that all weapons are loaded. The guns should be assumed that there are bullets in the gun and that if you were to pull the trigger it would fire. This rule is a great way to ensure that they are always safe when handling the gun with adult supervision.
Direction: When you touch a gun you want to make sure that it is pointed in a safe direction. They should never point the gun at anyone or any living thing when touching it. You want to make sure that they understand that the end of the gun is kept in a safe direction and that they are aware of what is around them.

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