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Guns Used in John Wick 2; Arsenal Firearms Strike One, Beretta 85BB, CZ P 09 & More

The 1911 makes a cameo appearance in the second John Wick movie and the carnage continues. John Wick’s tactical actions in both movies are real world and depict the realities of armed conflict, where nothing is fair and your one and only consideration is to survive.

Arsenal Firearms Strike One

One of the bad guys uses an Arsenal Firearms Strike One, a joint effort between Russian and Italian designers that uses the Bergmann-Bayard pistol action instead of the much more common Browning action. A unique quality of Arsenal Firearms the low bore axis, and with the straight recoil action using a Bergmann lock makes the weapon very accurate.

Beretta 85BB, CZ P 09 & Modified Glock

The Beretta 85BB is a double stack pistol in 380 ACP and looks like the little brother of their model 92. The Sumo assassin uses a CZ-P-09. A Czechoslovakian designed shooter, it is a very popular gun. No modern shot fest would be complete without a Glock or two. The Glock is the favorite movie action thriller gun, a Hollywood mainstay.
Taran Tactical another company that specialized in custom shooters like Salient, is the special shooter that John Carries, a modified Glock. The gun has a skeletonized slide with the barrel visible from the side.

H&K P30L, Kimber Warrior, SIG Sauer P320 & SW1911SC E series

Of course, the H&K P30L, Wick’s every day carry is shown in his stash. Wick receives a Kimber Warrior a custom 1911 with only one magazine from Fishburne’s character. At one-point John finds himself armed with SIG-Sauer P320, stable brother of the P229 carried by the US Secret Service. The P320’s stable mate, the P226 is special operations choice of side arms. SIGs are very high quality. An S&W 1911 SC-E Series is also acquired briefly by Wick. The first John Wick didn’t have any prominent 1911’s but they are represented in numbers in Wick 2.

SIG’s SG 550 & M4A1 Assault Rifles

No action shooter would be complete without the appearance of an AR. A M4A1 is carried by the bad guys. SIG’s SG 550 is depicted as the prime weapon of the bad guys as well. This gas operated shooter is of outstanding quality, as are all SIG’s shooters. Taran Tactical’s TTI TR-1 a AR-15 clone, tricked out Trijicon Accupoint 6×24 scope and had a vertical fore grip. Played a major roll in the mirror room scene.

KRISS Vector SDP Submachine Gun, Benelli M4 Super 90 Shotgun & ARWEN 37 Launcher

One of most innovative submachine guns on the market is the KRISS Vector SDP a low recoil 45 ACP sub gun and comes in a civilian model with 16” barrel semi-auto. The recoil is back and down, making the weapon very capable of controlled auto fire. Benelli sports some very good shotguns. Taran Tactical’s model was in the movie a M4 Super 90. Salient makes a version as well. Benelli’s are starting to over-take the Mossberg’s and Remington 870’s. Santino D’Antonio destroys John’s house with a ARWEN 37 grenade launcher. Some RPG-7’s appear in Fishburne character’s arsenal.

Custom Portable Indoor Shooting Ranges in Las Vegas, Nevada

The John Wick movies have numerous firearms seldom showing in a single movie. The popularity of these movies has caught the producers by surprise. John Wick 3 is rumored to be coming soon. We may find some very interesting shooters. For John Wick fans everywhere, there is hope. Shooting Range Industries wishes to once again thank our good friend Taran Butler for stopping by the Shooting Range Industries 2018 Shot Show Booth this year and displaying his Taran Tactical Guns used in John Wick 2 in our booth.

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