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Guns & Weapons Used in Pirates Of The Caribbean Movies; Jack Sparrow’s .50 Caliber English Flintlock Pistol & More

When you look at the different types of guns and weapons that are used in different types of movies you might be surprised that many of them are a real gun or replica. Guns that are not realistic are usually use the start of a real weapon. With pirates at it again people love to learn more about the film and franchise. If you are know it all and want an in depth look at the guns used by the characters in Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl, this is the place to be!

Shooting Range Industries Lists Some Of the Most Iconic Guns that Are Used in Pirates Of The Caribbean Movies

Jack Sparrow’s English Flintlock Pistol: The character that Johnny Depp plays so well is none other than the flamboyant and cunning Captain Jack Sparrow. Sparrow is known for his maneuvers to keep out of trouble and if he is caught he is always able to get out. A weapon that is used commonly and with expert force is his cutlass. It seems as if he can run through a crowd and make his way without injury with his trusty cutlass but when he is in a real bind he goes to his trustworthy English Flintlock. He uses a .50 caliber English Flintlock but in the movie chooses to use it sparingly. The gun is being saved to kill off the traitor shipmate Barbossa. The pistol uses a flint striking mechanism to initiate the bullet. They were introduced in the 17th century and can come in many sizes and styles.
Captains Sparrow’s Crew Uses Blunderbuss Flintlock Pistols: If you look at the guns that many of the crew are using when Jack’s shipmates are attacking the black pearl, the blunderbuss is the most common. This is a gun that is easily identified by the large barrel end. The blunderbuss is a firearm that uses a muzzle load option. The muzzle or end of the firearm is enlarged or flared out. This is the earliest version of what is thought to become a shotgun. The blunderbuss uses projectiles that are loaded depending on the size of the weapon. It can be made in a long barrel shotgun style or a handgun which is usually referred to as a dragon.
British Soldiers Use Long Flintlock Pattern Muskets: The weapon that you will see when you come upon the British soldiers that are after Jack Sparrow and his crew is the long Flintlock musket. It is a .75 caliber long land pattern musket that was used by the British but also on occasion by Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann. The gun is a long barrel rifle that uses the same flintlock action but is loaded with a push rod.

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