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Handgun Accessories; Laser Dot Sights, Flashlight Attachment, High Capacity Magazine & More

Shooters love to show off their firearms and its accessories. Many people will look at a pistol, laser, flashlight attachments and other accessories for modifications and wonder about their purpose. Some people believe that pistol accessories are for show and to make the pistol look “cooler”. This is nowhere near the truth. Pistol attachments and accessories have a very direct purpose and aid the user in some way. To better understand the purpose of pistol accessories or attachments, Shooting Range Industries will share some of the common handgun accessories and their purpose.

Laser Dot Sights for Handguns

When buying a handgun, most will come with basic iron sights or glow in the dark red or green sights. However, many people will invest in laser dot sights, which attach to the bottom of the barrel or some attach to the side. Laser dot sights help the shooter in a few different ways. The primary benefit of a laser dot sight is to improve the shooter’s accuracy, for those who do not have the luxury of frequently visiting a shooting range to improve their accuracy. For those who want to have better accuracy, especially for their conceal carry weapon, a laser dot sight greatly helps. Another benefit of a laser dot sight is better reflexes in shooting which mean you shoot more accurately faster. For those who want to find a way to improve their shooting, laser dot sights are highly recommended.

Pistol Flashlight Attachments

Do people go shooting in the dark? This is a common question about flashlight attachments for handguns. Well no, people do not intentionally go out for shooting practice in the dark, at least not civilians. Flashlights are used to see better in the dark. When attached to a handgun, the handgun can be used for home defense where most invasions occur at night. When an intruder breaks into a home at night, flashlights can help insure the target is an invader and also partially blind them at the same time. A flashlight is a great tool for home night time defense. Another common reason you will see a flashlight on a handgun is for security reasons. Some people act as nighttime security and use the light to better identify a threat.

Extended High Capacity Magazine

An extended magazine is a fairly common accessory that many handgun owners will invest in. Looking at the purpose for an extended magazine? They tend to vary. The main purpose of an extended magazine is to prolong the need for reloading in between shoots. As a civilian, it may be convenient for practicing on the range. However, not even military or law enforcement will use extended magazines too often. The reason is they take up a lot of room and can get easily caught on clothing. However, an extended magazine varies in size. Some handguns may have a long magazine, holding up to 20 to 30 rounds, while other magazines are smaller and only add a few additional rounds. The need for an extend must be carefully analyzed, especially for civilians. More rounds in a single magazine isn’t always a requirement.

Custom Shooting Ranges for Practice & Training

Each handgun accessory is meant to improve the performance of the shooter in some way and not just for looks. For quality shooting range design, construction and more to practice and train to improve your shooting skills, contact Shooting Range Industries.

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