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Handgun Grip Pressure; How to Hold a Pistol, Grip Strength Trainer Exercises for Shooting & More

Among the fundamentals of shooting include Follow Through, Recover, Draw / Presentation, Sight Alignment and Sight Picture, Stance or Platform, Trigger Management, Breathing, and Grip. All of these fundamentals influence each shot taken and all need to be worked on to balance your overall abilities. With this in mind, we at Shooting Range Industries would like to discuss the importance of the grip.

How Hard to Grip a Pistol

Having an improper grip can cause the weapon to malfunction and even minor injuries. Below is some important information concerning your grip.
1) Firm Grip. You need a firm hold. Where it is okay for a .22, many shooters are told to relax and not grip the pistol tightly. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, you need to have a strong enough grasp to completely control their gun. Where the grip is important to be strong, it shouldn’t have such a grip that you see white knuckles.
2) Wrist Lock. Within their wrist, many shooters have too much movement. Leading you to move the gun out of alignment prematurely when trying to shoot fast, problems returning the gun to alignment. Your wrist joint should be immobilized. In extreme cases, being too loose can even cause weapon malfunctions.
3) Reaching the Trigger, Position the Gun. Being able to place your finger properly on the trigger is important, the angle of the gun sitting in relation to your arm is essential. Do not try to align the barrel of the pistol with your arm.
4) Grip Gun Two Hands. You want two hands on the gun whenever possible. Creating a triangle between your shoulders and the gun is ideal. Making recoil much easier to control, you are allowed the force of the gun to be transmitted through your torso.
5) Maintain Trigger Pressure. When pulling the trigger, do not vary the amount of pressure you exert on the gun. Otherwise, the shift in the gun’s alignment and start a whole avalanche of problems ca occur.
6) Practice a Tight Hold. A tight grip doesn’t just happen. With practice of proper gripping, you can better become more accustomed to the needed grip and have better control of your weapon. If you think the grip is not ideal, there are many shooting classes that can be taken to help you achieve an optimal grip.

Grip Strength Trainer Exercises for Shooting

Grip Strength. Your focus is on what’s called crushing grip, imagine shaking hands and squeezing, though your thumb is important in shooting, but when it comes to controlling a handgun, it’s secondary to your other four fingers. You to train your fingers one or two at a time, including your thumb, which helps stabilize your handgun.
Wrist Strength. Best trained with radial and ulnar deviation to form wrist strength most important for shooting handguns accurately, which is rotating your wrist in either a thumbs up or pinkies up direction.
Muscle Balance and Recovery. In addition to help prevent injuries and encourage rehabilitation if you have been injured, you can quickly gain strength is to train as hard as possible within your ability to recover.

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