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Handgun Shooting as a Sport? Action, Silhouette & Precision Competition Shooting Games & Drills

Shooting firearms is a part of life for many types of people. There are people such as police officers and military that use them to protect and serve the people. There are many people that purchase a firearm as a way to protect themselves and their property from possible harm. There are also those people that choose to have firearms to go hunting for game and other wildlife. Another type or people that have firearms and use them often are those that choose to shoot as a sport. There are many kinds of competitions and events that an avid shooter can go to and compete. These people make up a large portion of the people that use indoor shooting ranges to hone in their skills and get better at their sport. To be good at any sport including shooting you need to have the right equipment, training and practice. Shooting Sports have a wide variety of styles. Some people choose to participate in rifle sport shooting, shotgun and handgun shooting. Handgun shooting events are a fun way to show off your skills that you have learned and trained in.

Shooting Range Industries Lists Some Events at Handgun Shooting Sporting Events

Action Shooting Event: If you enter an event to shoot at an action shooting competition you need to be ready to move. The action comes from the movement of the targets and the area that you are required to traverse to get through the course. The targets can be stationery and just placed in specific locations while others will be moving and you need to time your shot right to hit it. The points are scored on how many of the targets you hit and usually the amount of time taken to complete the course. The course usually starts with your firearm holstered in some way and drawn out only at the start of the buzzer.
Silhouette Shooting Event: If you want to test your skills shooting at different distances from a stationary platform, this is a great event to enter. The metal targets are placed at pre-determined distances. You will get points based on where you hit each target and how accurate your shooting is.
Precision Shooting Events: If you want to go to an event that is most popular for handgun owners and spectators, you should enter a precision event. This is an event that is going to try your skills at handling your firearm with a single hand. The targets are placed about 10 to 50 yards in distance and you have to hit each one. This is an extremely demanding event and you need to be sure that you are ready by training well in advance.

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If you want to train to shoot at an event, make sure that you go to an indoor shooting range to practice as much as possible. Now you can attend a public shooting range or you can contact Shooting Range Industries for more information on purchasing your own custom modular shooting range that you don’t have to share with everyone else!

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