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Health Benefits of Going to a Shooting Range for Live Fire Training

Police academy training, preparation for a military career, private or commercial security, competition and recreation are all reasons for polishing up firearm shooting. Surprisingly, there are quite a few health benefits, both physical and mental, to hitting the fire range.

Shooting Range Industries would like to give you a handful of examples as to why firing guns at the shooting range is favorable to your overall health.

Builds Physical Attributes

It’s an unfortunate “cause and effect” situation to having so much electronically advanced toys at our disposal. This is the age where people have their noses in smart phones and tablets, video games are on near any platform you can conjure, watching TV is the favorite “wind down” activity, computers and laptops run as much of our personal lives as it does our professions, and getting physical is getting harder to schedule into our fast paced life styles. Enhancing your shooting skills builds stamina, hand – eye coordination, strength, and fine motor skills to name just a few. Arm strength naturally develops as you take the time in aiming, steadying your weapon, and fine tuning your draw. Eyesight is being worked. A regrettable side effect to our daily lives, is staring at the close up electronic devices. Computers, tablets, phones etc, don’t allow your eye muscles to build by looking into further distances and keeping your eyes focused to things up close doesn’t make your eye muscles function at top efficiency. By observing targets far out, your eyes actually relieve stress.

Mental Traits Development

Experienced firearm shooters agree the sport is 90% mental. Thinking outside the box is an important characteristic as shooting dabbles in areas of logical, mathematic and creative thinking, problem solving and deep concentration. Your mind continues to evolve and sharpen when dealing in situations that require firing your weapon.

Uphold Liberty by Bearing Arms

With all the nut jobs going on mass shooting sprees, it is well within your rights to obtain your concealed weapon permit. The second amendment protects the rights to bear arms. If more honest citizens carried, the criminal minded may think twice before going on a murder spree. There are many political figures who would like to disarm you. Don’t let them leave you unprotected against the people who will still manage to get a weapon and try to hurt you or someone you care about.

Confidence Building

Shooting guns are labeled dangerous by many. Those who are properly trained, gain confidence, courage and valor. For those who choose to acquire shooting techniques and expertise, know when that skill is needed in different life situations.

Adrenaline Spikes

Shooting often provides the body with an adrenaline rush. Adrenaline increases in your blood, letting the liver know to break down glycogen, the stuff that feeds muscles with glucose, which is the dominant source for fueling the body. Adrenaline rushes have even been proven to ward off the burden of stress.

Improved Balance

In shooting exercises, standing in perfect posture, while remaining still for proper aim, works the core muscles. Weak abdominal muscles make the lower back work over time. The simple act of waking can impact the lower back pressure causing chronic pain. When practicing target shooting, the mundane motions of proper stance and careful aim only encourages proper posture and pinpoints abdominal muscles. In a nut shell, honing your aim while target shooting, improves balance, increases abdominal muscles and corrects posture.

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There are even more health benefits than those mentioned above. In fact, volumes could be written. Hitting the shooting range on a regular basis is the best medicine for your mental health, as well as your physical health. Always shoot safely, and take the time to retain the proper live fire training. Contact Shooting Range Industries for state of the art custom shooting range solutions.

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