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Health Benefits of Shooting on the Range Such as Stress Relief, Balance, Confidence & More

Choosing to hit the firing range offers many benefits. Whether you are there to improve your skills in association to your work, or for competitive shooting as well as personal defense, there are plenty of benefits that go along with it and we at Shooting Range Industries would like to take the opportunity to share those advantages.

Benefits of Shooting on the Range; Health

1) Confidence. Choosing to acquire shooting techniques and expertise allow responsible gun owners to know when that skill is needed in different life situations and when you take the time and effort to improve your skills, you will naturally gain confidence and have the courage to step to the plate when you are needed in many different situations that may or may not be associated with wielding a firearm.
2) Adrenaline. Adrenaline spikes are often produced when you go shooting. Adrenaline rushes are proven to ward off the burden of stress. Additionally the adrenaline increases in your blood, causing the liver know to break down glycogen; feeding the muscles providing dominant source to fuel the body
3) Balance. Remaining still for proper aim and standing in perfect posture are a part of many shooting exercises, which works the core muscles. Lower back pressure causes chronic pain that is impacted by the simple act of walking. With the mundane motions of proper stance and careful aim, you are only encouraging proper posture and pinpoint the abdominal muscles for proper growth while you practice shooting.
4) Increased Physical Attributes. With electronic toys at our disposal smart phones and tablets, video games and working on computers, people are losing a lot of physical strength. Building stamina, hand – eye coordination, strength, and fine motor skills to name a few are all enhanced during regular shooting. As you steady your weapon and fine tune your draw, arm strength naturally develops. Eyesight is being exercised as you focus on targets. With the limitations of daily life, spending a few days a week at the fire range will inevitably increase your body’s attributes.
5) Increased Mental Development. Shooting activities is 90% mental as most experienced firearm shooters agree. Your mind continues to evolve and sharpen when dealing in situations that require firing your weapon. All things that include in shooting are logical, mathematical and demand creative thinking, problem solving, and deep concentration. Thinking outside the box is an important characteristic of shooting and utilizing your preferred hobby can significantly improve your mental development.
6) Uphold Liberty. As the second amendment protects the rights to bear arms, it is well within your rights to obtain your concealed weapon permit, whether you use a firearm for work or play, carrying a concealed weapon through legal methods can prove to be helpful in situations where people aim to cause injury or death to others. The criminal minded may think twice before going on a murder spree if more honest citizens carried firearms.

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With the many benefits that utilizing a shooting range can offer, indulging in the hobby is more than ideal. Contact Shooting Range Industries for more information on a convenient modular indoor shooting range located on your own property!

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