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Hi-Tech Cedar Park, TX Shooting Gun Range Trains Police Officers & Law Enforcement for Deadly Situations

A new hi-tech gun range that was fabricated, designed and customized by Shooting Range Industries for the Cedar Park, TX Police Department is changing the way police officers, military, and other law enforcement professionals are getting trained for deadly situations. This new training puts officers in an interactive environment where they are learning how to deal with real life situations quickly and efficiently.

This Modular Indoor Shooting Ready Range is the First of Its Kind in Texas

The customized 80-foot modular shooting range that was produced by Shooting Range Industries is really the first of its kind in the Texas area. The range has the room to allow officers to move around within the building and offers two lanes that meet federal regulations and requirements. The range can be customized to suit the needs of small enforcement agencies to large military personnel.

Milo Range Simulator Creates Real-Life Police Firearms Training Scenarios

The goal of this new Hi-tech shooting range is to provide a place that law enforcement as well as military can train and be prepared for the situations they are going to face in their day to day duty. With Milo Range Technology, we have accomplished just that. The interactive firearms exercises and drills will be able to not only produce these scenarios for practice, but can be customized to the shooters capabilities. If the skill level is lower than trainee, the scenarios will start off at that level and gradually increase, giving the shooter the chance to constantly improve in their target accuracy and timing.

Ability to Transform Firearms Training

Rather than officers just shooting at targets to improve shooting skills, the training facility in this modular shooting range allows the shooter to feel as if they are in a real-life situation. If they are facing a shooter in a hospital or a school, it will be as if they are walking down the hallway toward them. By working to improve the trainees ability to act swiftly with precision will create stronger law enforcement.

Hi-Tech Shooting Range Building Safe Communities

Even though the Cedar Park community is considered a safe one, there is no denying the value in a shooting range that can prepare officers for these scenarios. These types of shooting ranges allow officers to be more prepared even when they don’t see situations like this on a daily basis, and that is invaluable. Giving law enforcement this kind of training gives them the confidence and skills to tackle any situations that might present themselves in the future.

Custom Modular, Portable Indoor Shooting Ranges With Real Life Realistic Interactive Scenarios

No matter what kind of shooting range you are looking for, the modular shooting ranges that Shooting Range Industries designs and builds custom shooting ranges to benefit anybody wanting to improve their shooting skills and target accuracy. Whether you are law enforcement, military, or civilian; our shooting ranges can build on and develop your shooting skills. Call us today for more information about our customized, modular shooting ranges.

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