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Hidden Storage Options for Your Rifles; Firearm Wall Racks, Gun Safes, Concealment Furniture & More

The way we store guns has certainly changed over the years. There used to be guns out and homeowners ready to defend their property without even giving it a second thought. Today, there are too many risks for small hands and guns themselves have changed considerably from those early days. Shooting Range Industries is here to share some hidden storage options for your rifles.

Storing Rifles Versus Handguns

When it comes to storing handguns, it isn’t hard to find a place they will be easily concealed. Buying a safe for them isn’t as difficult because you don’t need as much room to store it. When it comes to storing your long arm rifles however, things get interesting. You may want it accessible in case of a home invasion.

Gun Storage Changes Throughout the Years

Way, way back in the day, firearms were out and ready. There wasn’t a need to protect your belongings like there is now. People didn’t take what wasn’t theirs like criminals do now. There was still crime we are sure, but it was nowhere near what it is today. Now there aren’t any gun owners that want to advertise their firearms to others or have them easily accessible for just anyone for that matter.

Straying from the Traditional Gun Safe

A traditional gun safe is a great way to keep your guns protected. They will keep thieves out and also protect your firearms in the case of a house fire. When it comes to protecting yourself in a high stress situation, it can be difficult to get that safe open quickly. Now you can find racks that are mounted on the wall, perhaps behind your clothes in the closet. It is still easily accessible, but out of sight.

Hidden Gun Storage Furniture

There is also a large market for furniture that has well-hidden racks within it. Many of them have upright storage for your shotguns or long arm rifles. There are hideaway storage items that hide your firearms behind full length mirrors as well as couches, benches, shelves and much more. Many of these pieces of furniture have a locking system built in to it to keep your firearms out of reach from little or curious hands.

Choose the Right Gun Storage for Your Needs

It’s amazing that you can have valuable things like guns hidden in plain sight and not have to worry about them. In this day and age, you can’t afford to have your firearms left vulnerable. Of course when choosing the right storage options for your home, consider the circumstances and take the caution needed. If you have young children at home, you may want to lock your guns up. If you don’t have to worry about children near your guns, it’s nice to know that there are storage options for everyone no matter what your needs are.

Custom Shooting Ranges to Perfect Your Firearms Skills

Shooting Range Industries designs and fabricates custom shooting ranges to help you perfect your shooting skills so that if you ever need to call on your firearms to protect yourself, you will be ready! Contact us to learn more!

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