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High Paying & Rewarding Jobs that Involve Shooting a Gun; Firearms Engineer, Forensics Ballistics Expert & More

If you have a love for guns, you may be looking for a career where guns are part of your everyday life. There are several jobs that fit that criteria and might be a great fit for you. Shooting Range Industries is here to highlight some jobs that are perfect for the gun lover.

Combat Arms Professions in the Military; Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, Coast Guard

Whether you join the Army, Navy, or any other branch of the military, they will have combat arms professions. In these positions you will be frequently and even constantly training to ensure you are ready to defend our country, if need be. There are several different positions within the military that require different skills and training with a variety of weapons.

Law Enforcement Career

Having sharp shooting skills may be the difference between life and death as a law enforcement officer. You will be trained with a variety of firearms to offer protection to you and the public you serve. Many hours will be put in at the shooting range to keep your shooting skills and technique where they need to be. The hope for law enforcement officers is that they won’t have to use their weapon too often, but they need to be ready when it is necessary.

Firearms Industry, Manufacturers & Engineers

This job calls for the creative mind. You will find yourself on the cutting edge of designing and engineering firearms. You could also find yourself fixing the flaws found in firearms to make them safer and more efficient. In this job you may also find yourself testing new weapons as well, with a front row seat to new and exciting guns that are being produced. It may be hard to find these jobs since a good portion of gun manufacturing happens outside the United States, but if you can find a local job, this would be awesome for any gun enthusiast.

Forensic Ballistics Expert

A forensic ballistics expert gets to have their hands in the criminal justice system without putting their life on the line. If you have the aptitude for it, you may enjoy putting together the pieces of a crime scene puzzle to solve the crimes committed. You have to have extensive knowledge of an array of weapons in order to conclude how many times a gun was shot, at what angle, and what type of gun was used in the crime.

Armed Security Guard

In this profession, you might find yourself working less than desirable hours guarding buildings, vehicles and people. If you can get a job as security for a high ranking individual, or a celebrity, you can make a good amount of money keeping them safe.

Custom Portable Shooting Range Design & Fabrication with Bullet Traps, Equipment & Accessories from Our Manufacturing Plant in Las Vegas, Nevada

No matter what career you choose, whether it is in the firearm industry or not, if you are a gun enthusiast you will want to spend time on a shooting range to perfect your shooting skills. Practicing on a regular basis is the only way to improve your shooting techniques. Shooting Range Industries designs and fabricates customizable, portable shooting ranges to assist in making you a proficient shooter. Contact us for more information today!

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