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How a Portable Ready Range or MCSAT from Shooting Range Industries in Las Vegas NV can Help Your Police Department Academy & Law Enforcement Officer Live Firearms Training

It has often been said that firearm training for law enforcement and military needs to be both realistic and precise. In order to be both, training also needs to be conducted on a regular basis. The reality is that most law enforcement departments train with their duty weapons once per year, averaging less than 4 hours. So how often should today’s law enforcement personnel be training with their duty weapons?

Better Firearms Training for Police Officers

We can safely assume that no court of law has ever addressed this very question. Many cases have addressed the substance of training levels but have a tendency to ignore how many hours law enforcement personnel need to train and qualify. In most cases various state POST (Peace Officer Standard Training) boards are left to address basic firearms training but not in-service training. Regardless of POST mandates, statistics indicate that law enforcement officers should train at least four times a year with their duty pistols, off-duty pistols, and where ever possible back up pistols. The same holds true for shotguns and patrol rifles. Specialized units in particular, especially those units who have officers equipped with sub-guns and sniper rifles should ideally be on the range on a monthly basis.

Many certified firearm instructors belong to various professional bodies including the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (IALEFI). This body of professional firearm trainers has set a high level of training for a very good reason. Studies indicate that the skills needed for semiautomatic pistol manipulation require constant and frequent training and use; otherwise the necessary skills will be diminished. Other training bodies such as IACP, the International Association of Chiefs of Police, suggest that firearm training should be held at minimum three times a year. Most agree that annual or semi-annual firearm training is subpar for the necessary standards required to achieve optimum skill levels

The professionals at Shooting Range Industries understand the importance of firearms training and practice and in addition to classroom instruction, suggest that consistent range work should include:

• Clearing stoppages with either hand
• Drills that simulate malfunctions to enhance critical thinking and quick reaction skills
• Emergency tactical reloading with both right and left hand
• Manipulation of safely levers and de-cocking levers with both right and left hand
• Low-light and decision making shooting
• Shooting while moving to cover
• One-handed firing
• Issuing verbal challenges
• Firing and clearing malfunctions
• Engaging multiple targets

Portable Target Ready Milo Ranges & MCSATS (Modular Containerized Small Arms Training Sets) for Live Fire Law Enforcement Training

If your agency should fall into the category of once or twice annual firearms training, contact the experts at Shooting Range Industries today. Shooting Range Industries provides customized shooting range solutions designed and equipped to meet the growing demands of today’s law enforcement and military programs. Our state-of-the-art programs offer both quality and safety to meet all of your shooting range needs.

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