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How Does the Cold Weather Affect Shooting Your Handguns & Hunting Rifle; Sighting in, Shorter Stocks, Shooters Mittens & More

The weather is a factor for many outdoor activities. There are some activities that need to be suspended due to the change in weather. Sometimes it is too hot or cold while wind and rain can play a factor in being able to do a particular outdoor activity. When it comes to using your handgun, pistol, rifle shotgun the cold and freezing weather may change how the weapon works and how well you are able to use it. One way to not have to worry about the issues that come from cold weather is to find an indoor shooting range that you can go to for shooting practice. Be sure you are aware of their rules and regulations and what is needed for you to be able to shoot. Make sure you know what could happen when you shoot in the cold temperatures.

Shooting Range Industries Explains How Cold Weather Affects Shooting Your Handguns & Rifles

How Does Cold Weather Affect Firing A Handgun: When you are out and go to use your handgun in the cold winter weather you may have a few restrictions. One of them is that you are going to be wearing more clothing including jackets, sweaters, beanies and gloves. All of these things can make it so that it is difficult to reach for your weapon and safely fire off a round. Be sure that you can still secure your handgun and also reach it with whatever winter gear you are going to wear. Another problem that comes when the weather is cold is that the lubrication that you would normally want to use will start to gum up and cause the weapon to stick. Make sure that if you are using a lubricant you use it sparingly so that you lessen the chances that it will start to stick.
How Does Cold Weather Affect Using a Rifle or Other Long Gun: When you want to shoot a long gun of any sort you may end up with some of the same problems you would with a handgun. You are going to be wearing a heavier coat and layers which could cause trouble when you want to hold the gun to your shoulder for security. When you are shooting with a thick coat the butt of the gun will be further from your shoulder and that will affect the telescopic sight. The sight was set to your eye distance when the butt of the gun is secured to your shoulder. Now the sight will be off and need to be adjusted. Gloves are another issue and could affect your aim and shot. You want to be sure that you have a good pair of mittens or gloves that have a trigger finger that can be removed so that you can make the shot. You can also look into a thin pair of gloves that are used for this exact situation.

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