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How Indoor Shooting Ranges Stop Bullets; Ballistic Rubber Block, Steel, Portable & Other Bullet Traps

When you go to a range to shoot your gun you want to make sure that it is safe. The safety of the people that are running the range as well as the patrons is important. You want to make sure you feel safe when you are in a space that people will be using weapons. When the range is built it is made to ensure that the shooting can be done safely and that the bullets are not going to go out into the space past the range. The bullets are something that need to be stopped properly and each and every time without worry. The indoor shooting range is something that has been manufactured to stop the bullets so that they are safe and that the bullets are not ricocheting around the range. It is a good idea to know how the range works and how the bullets are stopped. Shooting Range Industries outlines how an indoor shooting range works.

What is a Bullet Trap?

The first thing you should know is that there is a part at the back of the range that is called a bullet trap. The trap is a very important part of the unit and it needs to not only be made properly but also installed properly as well. The bullet trap is what makes the use of an indoor range possible. It has an important job and that is the bullet needs to be stopped and not allowed to get out or move around once it has been shot. There are many different types of ranges as well as traps that are used to ensure you are safe when using an indoor range.

Steel, Rubber & Other Types of Rubber Traps

There are different types of bullet traps that are used in shooting ranges. There are variations of each type that can be manufactured to ensure the range is safe. There is a vertically designed trap, free standing trap, steel trap and even a ballistic rubber block. The manufacturer of the range that you choose will have their variation of the bullet trap that they tend to use most often. The trap has to be something that they are confident that works with their design.

How Do Bullet Traps Stop Bullets

The trap is there to work to stop the bullets that are moving at a high rate of speed. The trap is something that has to remove the kinetic energy from the bullet and transfer it. When the energy is transferred the bullet will stop. There are several ways that this can happen depending on the trap that is used. Once the bullet has been stopped the range will often use a collection system. This is a way that the bullets can then be collected and taken out of the range. They can be recycled and collected by the staff that are working at the range.

Custom Shooting Ranges Designed & Built with Top of the Line Bullet Traps

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