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How Many Rounds Do You Shoot at the Range to Become Proficient? Ammunition Price & More

Pistol ammo can run from $0.70 to about $1.50 per round, some higher. There is more inexpensive, usually surplus ammo for 9mm and 45 ACP than any other. Both Remington and Winchester offer packs of 200 rounds or so for a lower end price and are full jacketed bullets. But for the high intensity .40 S&W and .357 SIG there is no surplus market to turn to, though ammo prices on these rounds have fallen.

How Many Rounds a Month to Become Proficient?

To be trained and to maintain skills the shooter, to remain competent, must be willing to invest in at least 30-50 rounds a month. For serious concealed carry the need for practice is self-evident. At $50.00 a month you will rack up a $600 annual ammo budget. If shooting 9mm or .45 Auto you can look for bulk ammo at a discount, even if you buy the 200 round packs or a case. A 1000 round case will cover about 20 months of practice. Expensive up front, but a long-term bargain. It is almost guaranteed you will be paying more in 20 months, even for case lots of ammo.

Rimfire & Centerfire Ammunition Price

Even at the elevated prices experienced today for rimfire ammo, it is still less expensive than most centerfire ammo. Back in the 60’s and 70’s 50 rounds of .22 Long Rifle were 35 cents a box. Of course that was about a gallon of gas as well. If you mix 30 rounds centerfire with 50 rounds rimfire you will be able to retain hard won skills and perhaps improve on some. Many modern defensive pistols have either .22 conversions or .22 models of your choice of carry, meaning you retain most of the feel and balance of your carry arm.

Dry Firing Practice Drills

You can also practice dry fire with inert ammo with spring loaded primers, and you can use ‘dummy’ or inert rounds for reloading drills. Most regimens to be effective require an investment in time and energy to be at your peek. The concealed carry permit holder doesn’t do any favors to themselves or those around them if they’re not proficient in handling and execution of their firearms.

Shooting Practice & Training

To many who carry only shoot requalification, sometimes years apart. Shooting is a degenerating skill unless honed by practice. If you carry, be proficient. Most armed confrontations occur under 7 yards, so the majority of time dedicated to practice should be kept to mostly 10 yards and under. Perhaps 20% for ranges up to 25 yards. In urban environments the shooter needs to be cognizant of the liability of engaging at long ranges, upping the danger to bystanders. Also, the assailant must present a clear, imminent danger that decreases in the lay persons mind as range increases. However, if you’re engaged at range by an attacker and it is safe to return fire you will have to decide on your response. If cover or concealment are available seek it out, even if you ultimately decide to return fire. Remember cover is something that will stop bullets, concealment are things like bushes, they conceal and break up your silhouette but do nothing to stop projectile penetration. Practice, you owe it to yourself and loved ones. Shooting Range Industries designs and builds portable shooting ranges for convenient practice and training. Contact us to learn more today!

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