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How Old Do You Have to Be to Go to a Shooting Range & What is Best Age to Learn How to Shoot a Gun?

There are many families that use guns for their home protection. They also use them for hunting as well as sport. These are the families that want their hobby to be a part of their life and that means the kids learning about guns as well. The more you talk to your children about the safe use of guns, the better they will be. They will be able to understand the importance of being safe with any gun and then you can start to get them out and using the guns. When they are able to get used to shooting and practicing they can feel more confident and won’t have a reason to think that a gun is a toy. Studies have shown that the more children and teens are exposed to good and safe gun handling the less likely they are to make a mistake with the weapon. This is also a time in the world that safety is key to everyone and you cannot always be home with your child so them having knowledge on how they can protect themselves is a very good thing. As they move out and start to live on their own they will be ready and able to protect their new household as well. Shooting Range Industries outlines what you need to know about taking your kids to the range to shoot.

First Time at the Shooting Range?

When it comes to going to a shooting range and taking a minor there are some things that you want to prepare first. The first time that your minor has held a gun and learned about it should not be in the middle of the range. The best thing you can do is to make sure that you have some training with your minor before you arrive at the range. There are lots of information that they should know in advance such as safe handling and the rules of the range. It is best to practice these rules and help them to know what they can expect at the range. This will make the day go smoothly if they have some training at home first.

Can a Minor Go to a Shooting Range?

You want to make sure that you do some research about the range that you are taking your minor to. They can each have their own set of rules that you want to make sure you know about. Most ranges will allow a child to come to the range around ten years of age as long as they are accompanied and supervised by an adult that is 21 or older. Some ranges have rules such as the child must be at least 48″ tall. You should be there to help guide them through their range visit.

Best Age to Learn How to Shoot a Gun

When it comes to shooting there is no age that is recommended. The answer is that you want to take your minor child when they are ready. They should feel confident and comfortable trying out a new thing such as shooting a gun. This can vary among kids and should be taken into account before you go.

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