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How Safe Are Indoor Shooting Ranges? Separate Firing Lanes, Bullet Traps, Target Retrieval Systems & More

When you think about shooting guns, many people who don’t know much about the process are worried about the safety. This can even be the case when talking about shooting in an indoor shooting range. There are times when assumptions are made by those that don’t have any experience in them. This is why Shooting Range Industries is here today to share some of the measures that are taken to ensure the shooter’s and anyone else in their group are safe when they enter into an indoor shooting range.

Firing Lanes are Safely Designed

At an indoor shooting range, each individual shooter has their own lane. These lanes are designed so that the shooter can focus on their shooting rather than their surroundings. Each lane is also equipped with safe distance firing. Depending on the gun that you are shooting, the lanes can be adjusted to ensure safety.

Shooting Ranges Have Bullet Traps for Safety

If you know much about guns, you know that when a shot is fired, there is a chance that the bullet can ricochet and hit something other than the target. This is why bullet traps have been meticulously designed to catch the bullets so that they don’t fly off and hit something else.

Protective Materials Used to Construct Indoor Shooting Ranges

When indoor shooting ranges are fabricated, they are made of highly protective materials that ensure the safety of anyone who enters and fires a gun. They come equipped with ceiling guards, target retrieval systems, reinforced metal and more. This is all done with the shooter’s safety in mind.

Shooter Training Prior to Shooting

In most indoor shooting ranges, before anyone uses a gun for the first time, they are given instruction by a professional first. They go over all safety rules and regulations, safety protocols and a training session before any gun handling takes place. They will also go over things that shouldn’t be done when spending time in the shooting range.

Hearing & Vision Protection Gear

Most firearms are loud when they are fired. This is why there are hearing protections put in place for those shooting. There is also safety measures in place for your eyes. Even though there are bullet traps to avoid any stray bullets, you can never be too careful when using a firearm.

Ventilation for Lead Exposure

Anytime there are lead round fired in a confined space, there is a concern for lead vapor. This is why proper ventilation is put in place in indoor shooting ranges. There is a special exhaust system that removes all airborne lead toxins so shooters aren’t breathing them.

Custom Shooting Ranges Made in the USA for Civilians, Military & Law Enforcement

At Shooting Range Industries, we take safety very seriously. All of our indoor shooting ranges are designed with the shooter’s safety in mind. From the beginning to the end of fabrication, we put safety measures in place to keep every aspect of the shooter’s health and well-being unharmed. Call us today!

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