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How to Become an Accurate Shooter & Shoot a Pistol Fast! Dry Firing Practice, Speed Shooting Range Drills & More

Becoming a fast and accurate shooter isn’t something that is inherited. The shooter has to work hard at it and learn to become a quick, accurate shot. This is especially true for concealed carriers. They aren’t just shooting for sport, but want to be trained and capable of acting quickly and with precision in a hostile situation. The best way to become a better shooter is with hours and hours of dry fire practice. Shooting Range Industries would like to share some steps to improve your dry fire practice.

Safety First when Dry Firing; Use a Chamber Flag

The biggest concern you should have when dry firing is safety. Far too often, you hear of accidental shootings where the shooter thought the gun wasn’t loaded until after the shot. Don’t let this happen to you. One way to avoid this is to use a muzzle or chamber flag. You can purchase one or make your own using plastic zip ties and brightly colored tape for the flag. Wrap some brightly colored tape around one end of the zip tie and drop the other into the muzzle with the flag sticking out. This will let other shooters know your gun is safe and save it from being involved in a fatal accident. You should also make it known to everyone in the room that you will be dry fire practicing so everyone is aware.

Improving Your Dry Fire Practice

1. Practice Drills – We all know the old adage, “practice makes perfect.” The same goes for shooting. The whole point of dry fire practice is to get to the point that you are using muscle memory from hours and hours of repetition. You should always practice with the gun that you will be carrying. You wouldn’t want to get used to using a gun that you aren’t planning on having on your person at all times. Each gun feels different and it only makes sense to practice with the gun you plan on using.
2. Use Targets – If it as all possible set up targets. You want to practice aiming and shooting at targets using different angles and distances. You are trying to create real situations and even if you use a light switch or a shirt on a hanger, it is better than shooting at a blank wall.
3. Visualize – Try to visualize a situation that would require the use of your firearm. Studies have shown that this can really work. Try to imagine a threat and how you could solve it. Try to picture yourself eliminating the threat as you practice.
4. Know When to Quit – There are some days when your mind just isn’t in it. If this is happening for you, it’s best to call it a day at that point. If there comes a point in your dry fire practice that you feel you are starting to fall short and get sloppy with the fundamentals, you are better off putting the weapon away and try again another day.

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Dry fire will help your time at the range be more effective. Remember to work on one thing at a time and you will be able to correct multiple errors you might be making when shooting. This will help you be a fast and accurate shooter over the course of your practicing. Shooting Range Industries offers custom shooting ranges to help you hone in your shooting skills. Contact us for more information.

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