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How to Become Familiar with a New Firearm; Replica Air Gun, Disassemble Pistol & More

Getting a new gun, whether you are new to firearms in general, or been around them for a time is eventful. The unknown mechanics and handling can be a little intimidating. The best thing to do is familiarize yourself with your new gun. There are quite a few things you can do to accomplish this and we at Shooting Range Industries will like to share some tips on how you can get familiar with your firearm.

Process of Getting Familiar with Your New Gun

1) Buy a replica air gun. Chances are, there is a replica of your gun in an air gun model. This will give you the opportunity to become better acquainted with the handling while in the comforts of your own home. You can also practice drawing, stance, and other drills with the air soft replica.
2) Take the gun apart and clean it. Even new guns are better oiled and ensured they are cleaned. If necessary, be sure to have your manual handy to ensure it gets taken apart and rebuilt correctly. Before you take it for a test shooting at the range, take the time to take it apart a few times and learn the components. Ensure the nooks and crannies are properly oiled and cleaned.
3) Do some research on your gun. Before you bought the gun, you more than likely did some research. However, once owned, it is in your better interest to look into more in depth information. Learn the pros and cons, the common faulty issues people may experience. Learn any tactics you can to improve the specs of your weapons with add-on features. After you heave learned the ins and outs of your weapon, you can better prepare yourself for any potential faulty behavior and which accessories will improve handling.
4) Get some gun accessories. When you get some extra clips, grips, sights, holsters and other accessories, many people will feel more comfortable with their weapon and make it more custom to their style.
5) Instill gun safety. Remember gun safety is essential and ensuring you are applying all safety guidelines to the handling, storing, shooting of your firearm will ensure it is safe and you will be more confident and comfortable with your weapon when you know you are following the safety guidelines associates with guns.
6) Practice dry firing. These drills can be practiced at home or on the range. You simply make positive your weapon is not loaded. Practice your drills, stances, and other basics while dry firing. You can improve your stability, aim, stamina, and get familiar with the weight, though keep in mind loaded weapons are heavier.

Custom Shooting Ranges Designed, Manufactured & Assembled to Specifications

Going to the shooting range goes without saying. Using your weapon on the range and practicing your drills, techniques, and gun safety continues to improve your familiarity with your weapon. Be sure to follow the rules and take advantage of regularly attending to hone and develop your skills to help familiarize yourself with your weapon more and more. Shooting Range Industries offer custom shooting ranges. Contact us today!

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