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How to Get a Hunting License; Hunter Safety Education Course, Application, Requirements, Restrictions & More

For those who are new to or want to start hunting, you will need to get a hunting license. When seeking a hunter’s license you will need to take a “Hunter Safety Education Course” and then pass a hunter education test. When it comes to hunting, often you will need a hunting permit in each state you wish to hunt in. For those with lots of questions about getting a hunting license, Shooting Range Industries will hopefully help answer them.

What is a Hunting License?

A hunting license is usually issued by a state or by a hunting province designated by the wildlife agencies. A hunting license will be either in an ID card similar to a driver’s license or in certificate format. A hunting license allows you to purchase a hunting tag which you must have before you ever go hunting. The hunter license must be given as proof that you have completed the hunter educational course and you passed the test. Depending on the state or province, the age requirements will change. The Hunter Education is a program that has taken over 70 years to develop. This course is dedicated to improving and maintaining public safety. There are both online and classroom courses that are accessed by the wildlife agencies. Some states will require both an online segment and classroom segment of the overall course.

Hunter Requirements

Not only do you have to do a hunting education safety class, you will also need to know your state’s requirements. You will first need to know minimum age. As each state varies, you’ll find that most age requirements can be as young as 10 to 12 years old. However, minors will require a parental figure present during hunting. When applying for a hunting license, you will, of course, have to provide a valid identification. Again those applying for their hunting license will need to have already completed their Hunter’s Safety Education Course.

Where Can I Hunt?

You can get a general hunting license. However, there are hunting restrictions. A general hunting license will have a permitted hunting seasons, game and location. If you want to go hunting for more elaborate game, you will require a hunting permit or special permit. When applying for a hunting license you will need to apply for either large game or non-large game. However, you do not need to get two permits when you feel like hunting another type of game. Often you can request a temporary special permit for other game types.

Applying for a Hunting License

When applying for a hunting license and you have met all of the state’s requirements, you can go to the Reserve America’s Fishing & Hunting License website and apply online. When applying you will need proof you completed your hunting safety course, valid identification, and of course a method of payment. Once the license application has been completed, you will be given a receipt and your certificate or hunting license will be mailed to you.

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When applying for a hunting license you may feel like there are a lot of steps. However, each step is essential to ensure safety. For quality shooting range design and fabrication, contact Shooting Range Industries.

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