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How to Hunt Turkey in the Fall; Best Shotgun, Shot Placement, Size Ammunition & More

If given the opportunity, there are quite a few hunters that like to get their own turkey for Thanksgiving. If you are a beginner at turkey hunting, we at Shooting Range industries would like to share some tips to help you get started.

Turkey Hunting Shot Size Ammunition

A recommendation to get the deadly patterns and plenty of knockdown power is the Winchester Long Beard XR 3” #5 shot. Before heading out to the field it is essential to pattern your shotgun with the ammunition you plan to use. Keep in mind every shotgun shoot differently and you will want to work with what works best.
Choke: When hunting turkeys, especially long-range hunting, proper choke is key. Keeping your patterns deadly at close range and further out is easily done with an extra full turkey choke. with modified, full and a couple of the more customized turkey chokes to see what the best pattern is at different distances

Shot Placement on Turkey

Head shots are more ideal, unless you want to take a bite out of pellets at the dinner table. Try to wait for him to pop his head up before squeezing the trigger as the turkey comes into range. The neck where the red meets brown is also another popular place to aim.

Best Turkey Shotgun

A standard turkey gun is a 12-gauge shotgun with a smooth bore, but another popular choice, particularly among the youth is the 20 gauges; again preference. Selecting a weapon for your turkey hunting can be overwhelming with all the options available, below are the top choices.
Remington 870: The Remington 870 is the most legendary turkey shotgun of all time and stood the test of time since its 1950 introduction. With the many different modifications to this gun, it is very versatile.
Weatherby PA-08 Turkey: A more affordable option for the turkey hunt is affordable pump action turkey shotgun that Weatherby recently unleashed. With the quality and beautiful manufacturing and balances lightweight portability with accuracy and power.
Winchester Super X Pump Black Shadow: The affordable and extremely revered firearm company, this gun is a turkey gun boiled down to its most basic essentials. The bored and threaded barrel on this 26-inch 12-gauge barrel lives up to the reputation and the ability to shoot in tight and accurate shotgun shell groups helps with the hunt.
Mossberg 500 Turkey Thug: With its 24-inch barrel, its adjustable trigger, its comfortable and well-made sights and inexpensive price tag. Ultimately, this this gun was built for taking down gobblers.
Browning A5: The Browning A5 is a legendary for turkey hunting history, though it was never specifically designed for such.
Escort Turkey Extreme: Built by the gun company Hatsan, the Escort Turkey Extreme, is an overlooked gun of choice. With a bit of flexibility with different shell sizes and compositions comfortable pistol grip, an easy sight-mounting system, a turkey-geared choke tube, and a high-quality gas-powered semi-automatic shooting system, this weapon will be incredible.

Custom Designed & Built Portable, Modular Shooting Ranges

No matter which weapon you prefer, be sure to get some practice time at the range where you can get accurate with your aim and familiar with your weapon. Shooting Range Industries manufactures custom shooting ranges for convenient firearm practice and training. Contact us to learn more today!

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